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Please save a copy of this message or/and bookmark this webpage for future reference.  RootsWeb is the host for the mailing list. The list administrator is David Cann:

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  • Purpose of this List:

    The MABARNST-L mailing list is an e-mail list for genealogical research in Barnstable County, MA. The list serves as a discussion area for anyone who has an interest in genealogy related to Barnstable County, MA. Immigrants to Barnstable County arrived through the many centuries - 1600s, 1700s, 1800s, 1900s. Today their descendants are spread across country and around the world. If any of your roots are in New England then there is a good chance they touched Barnstable County. This mailing list is where you will find many cousins.

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  • Two Versions of Mailing list:
    • Mail Mode:
      Example-L is for individual messages to be delivered to your e-mail address. As each subscriber to the list sends messages to the list address, you will receive a copy of the message. To subscribe click the following link which will automatically insert the necessary text and address for subscribing:

      Subscribe to MABARNST-L - Mail Mode
      (Turn OFF your signature file when sending this command)
    • Digest Mode:
      Example-D is for a digest of several accumulated messages to be delivered to your email address. As each subscriber to the list sends messages to the list address, they are put into a digest to be delivered later. The digest is generated approximately once a day and delivered to digest subscribers. This option is handy for people who don't want multiple messages to accumulate in their mail box. To subscribe click the following link which will automatically insert the necessary text and address for subscribing:

      Subscribe to MABARNST-D - Digest mode
      (Turn OFF your signature file when sending this command)

    • AOL and possibly other online services browsers and dated browsers will not recognize/work with the above E-mail coding. If the above links do not work for you, send the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) as the only text in the body of a message to:

      Mail mode:
      Digest mode:
      (Turn OFF your signature file when sending this command)

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  • E-mail Addresses and Sending Commands to Rootsweb:

    • Mail mode - individual messages:
    • Digest mode - multiple messages:
      To manage your subscription, send an e-mail message to the mode address above and use any of the following commands, typed within the body of your e-mail message. Type ONLY one of the commands as it is shown below. Do not add any extra words or
      lines of text:
      1. subscribe
      2. unsubscribe
      3. get welcome.txt
        (**When using the "get" command, be sure to include one word in the subject line: archive )

      Do NOT use a signature file attached to the e-mail message. The software reads your message and tries to answer each command it finds. When it runs across your signature file it gets a bit confused and will send you a message stating something like 'Do not recognize command 'Jones'. Do not recognize command "Smith", etc.

    • To post messages to everyone on the list drop the word "request" and write a normal E-mail message to:
    • To post a message to an individual on the list, write to that individual's E-mail account not the MABARNST-L account or everyone on the list will read the message.

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  • D.  Guidelines:
      • Try to have a specific subject with a name and date. General subjects like "Need Help", "Genealogy help", etc... are ignored by a great majority of subscribers. They just don't have time in their day to read all mailing list messages for many subscribe to several mailing lists. They only have time to read messages with subjects of interest to them.
      • If you are on the list in the digest mode, do be sure to change the subject of any message you reply to or your reply will carry only the subject of ...Digest....
      • The list is not moderated. Any message sent to it automatically goes to everyone on the list. While I in no way want to stifle free discussion, as list owner I reserve the right to step in if a flame war erupts or if someone becomes unseemly.
      • We try hard to stay on-topic....genealogy of Barnstable County, MA or at least a connection to Barnstable County. Thanks.
      • Do NOT use a signature file attached to the message.
      • Do NOT attach any file to a message. Rootsweb does not allow attached files. Its filters automatically delete all files. No files will arrive to you via any mailing list hosted by Rootsweb. This is a great virus prevention. Nowwww a subscriber to a Rootsweb list may have a virus and the virus may send you a message with an attached virus from that person but it will not come to you via Rootsweb. It will have been sent directly to you from the person. It may look like it came from Rootsweb because of the subject, etc...
      • Do NOT use HTML formatting of E-mail messages. Rootsweb will reject such messages or will try to reformat them. Use  Text formatting. Most E-mail programs have options to turn off HTML formatting.

      If you have a personal message for someone, please send it to their email address, not the mailing list address. Any mail sent to MABARNST will automatically be sent to everyone on the list. And may well end up being read by millions of people.

    • If you have persistent problems, contact me direct at the above address!

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  • Original "Welcome Messages"

    • Mail Mode:
      You have been added to the subscriber list of:
      the following mail address
               <your E-mail address>
      By default, copies of your own submissions will be returned.

      Welcome to the MABARNST mailing list! You are currently subscribed in "mail mode", which means that you will receive every posting made to MABARNST as a separate e-mail. The directions on how to change to digest mode are given below.
      • How to unsubscribe. Send a message to

        that contains (in the body of the message) the command
        and no additional text.
      • How to subscribe. Whatever you just did worked, or you'd not be getting this message. But for future reference (for instance, if your subscription is canceled for whatever reason and you want to resubscribe), just send the command "subscribe" to
      • How to change to digest mode (several postings are combined and sent to you together as a single large message). There are two steps. First, send the command "unsubscribe" to to discontinue mail mode. Second, send the command "subscribe" to to start receiving digests.
      • How to change to NOMAIL mode. There is no formal NOMAIL mode. All you have to do is follow the directions above and unsubscribe when you want the messages to stop, and then when you want them to start again, simply subscribe again.
      • If you'd like to post a message so everyone on the mailing list receives it, just send it to It will then be sent on to everyone in both mail and digest mode. You don't need to send it explicitly to both.

        For your verification, a transcript of the original subscription request is included below.
    • Digest Mode: same

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Please note that although I was born in Barnstable County I now live hundreds of miles away and do not have easy access to the county.

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