Births recorded in Wellfleet in 1857

Transcribed by CapeCodHistory.us

from records of the Town of Wellfleet, Barnstable County, Massachusetts
for the year 1857

Lombard, Isabella F     Abt 1857
Baker, Walter L     Abt 1857
King, Jemima Arey David W King Jemima Arey Atwood 1857
Moore, Harriet J James A Moore Abigail Atwood Ryder 1857
Williams, Reuben F Franklin Williams Sally Atwood Rider 1857
Green, George L Captain Michael Green Sally Smith Whorf Jan 1857
Holbrook, Mary W John Wesley Holbrook Dorcas W Mayo 22 Jan 1857
Hayman, James M James R Hayman Mary Young Rich 30 Jan 1857
Higgins, Walter Lewis Lewis Hamlin Higgins Hannah Atwood 31 Jan 1857
Williams, George V Williams Hannah M Higgins 1 Feb 1857
Atwood, Josiah Childs Captain David Atwood Maria Thomas Graham 2 Feb 1857
Higgins, Mary G Elijah Jones Dill Higgins Margaret Eliza Harding 7 Feb 1857
Witherell, Whitfield F Whitfield Witherell Bethiah Ward Newcomb 7 Feb 1857
Higgins, Thomas Allen Captain Thomas Allen Higgins Sarah Foster Higgins 8 Feb 1857
Harding, Charles A Solomon Harding Louisa Hills 9 Feb 1857
Lane, Charles G Dennis Lane Mary J Ellis 9 Feb 1857
Hendry, Solomon Hendry Louiza 9 Feb 1857
Harding, Emma Florence Stephen Atwood Harding Emily Atwood 20 Feb 1857
Sparrow, John W Timothy A Sparrow Mary M 21 Feb 1857
Stubbs, Nathan N Andrew Lincoln Stubbs Thankful Cole Nicholson 22 Feb 1857
Paine, Charles Edwin Robert Y Paine Priscilla Harding Pervere 27 Feb 1857
Atwood, Ida M Freeman C Atwood Harriet Newell Atwood 28 Feb 1857
Freeman, Mertie Knowles Jesse Harding Freeman Louisiana Knowles Newcomb 4 Mar 1857
Baker, Lulie A Captain David Holbrook Baker Jerusha Rich Higgins 9 Mar 1857
Roberts, Lucretia Captain Samuel Roberts Betsey Atwood Pierce 13 Mar 1857
Wiley, Matilda P Freeman Atwood Wiley Mary C Harding 8 Apr 1857
Pierce, Eunice A Captain Benjamin Higgins Swett Pierce Ruth Gould Freeman 9 Apr 1857
Hawes, Frank Herbert Captain Benjamin Higgins Hawes Lurana Frances Laha 17 Apr 1857
Hough, Charles B Dr Henry C Hough Mary Anna Rhodes 26 Apr 1857
Peak, William E John C Peak Sarah H Wing 31 May 1857
Kemp, Katie W Samuel Kemp Katherine Cosgrove 9 Jun 1857
Crosby, Clarence George F Crosby Olive Bangs 29 Jun 1857
Holbrook, Thomas Franklin Holbrook Abigail Doane Baker 3 Jul 1857
Rich, Bertha F Benjamin Rich Bethiah Young Hawes 19 Jul 1857
Tubman, William Henry     21 Jul 1857
Newcomb, Stephen Collins Captain Franklin Newcomb Mehitable Collins 28 Jul 1857
Dill, Ruth Y Nathaniel Harding Dill Sophronia Elizabeth Atwood 29 Jul 1857
Dill, Nellie Nathaniel Harding Dill Sophronia Elizabeth Atwood 29 Jul 1857
Dill, Willie Nathaniel Harding Dill Sophronia Elizabeth Atwood 29 Jul 1857
Lombard, Bettie B Captain Beriah Higgins Lombard Abigail H Atwood 1 Aug 1857
Higgins, Lucinda Richards John Grey Higgins Lucinda R Hickman Newcomb 8 Aug 1857
Freeman, Alfred S Alfred Smith Freeman Sarah Ann Higgins 8 Aug 1857
Hall, Benjamin F Alfred Hall Sarah Martin Atwood 11 Aug 1857
Daniels, William Witherell James Munroe Daniels Ruth S Kennedy 23 Aug 1857
Rich, Richard Laha Peter Rich Drusilla Cole Laha 24 Aug 1857
Smith, Sarah L Samuel S Smith Sarah A 5 Sep 1857
Lewis, Thomas Holbrook Lewis Anna Atwood 7 Sep 1857
Atwood, Lydia Hawes Atwood Elizabeth J Laughton 8 Sep 1857
Beard, George F George W Beard Almira Tilton Newcomb 12 Sep 1857
Pierce, Emma Smith Washington Franklin Pierce Mary Ann Smith Daniels 13 Sep 1857
Hawes, Benjamin Higgins William Eustis Hawes Sarah M Lombard 16 Sep 1857
Paine, Charles     25 Sep 1857
Graham, Charlotte Ann Nicholas Hanson Graham Martha Jane Lewis 26 Sep 1857
Freeman, Mary A Frederic Lewis Freeman Mary Ann Dyer 28 Sep 1857
Kenrick, Carrie E     3 Oct 1857
Remick, Carrie Isaac Remick Hannah C 3 Oct 1857
Gill, Captain Aaron Gill Eliza Ann Dill 4 Oct 1857
Cole, William H Captain William Henry Cole Cinderilla Newcomb 9 Oct 1857
Chipman, Charles H Elisha Eldridge Chipman Lucinda Cole 17 Oct 1857
Ross, William C Alexander Ross Sarah L Lane 22 Oct 1857
Hopley, Clara L Rev. Samuel Hopley Mary 24 Oct 1857
Rich, Mary B Solomon Atwood Rich Jemima Newcomb 26 Oct 1857
Paine, Nathan Young Paine Eliza A Hatch 28 Oct 1857
Bell, Benjamin F Edward Bell Mercy Brown Smith 1 Nov 1857
Higgins, Alfred W Joseph Higgins Rachel Paine Newcomb 1 Nov 1857
Oliver, Abbie Florence Captain Benjamin Oliver Olive Frances Paine 7 Nov 1857
Harding, Otis Smith Harding Rosilla Newcomb 11 Nov 1857
Freeman, Ada F Captain Richard Rich Freeman Rebecca Higgins 16 Nov 1857
Jordan, Maura Robert Jordan Maria Jenkins Mayo 20 Nov 1857
Hatch, Mary E Hosea Ballou Hatch Mary H Rider 30 Nov 1857
Horton, Isaiah H Horton Rachel O Witherell 1 Dec 1857
Whitehead, James Whitehead Rosanna 18 Dec 1857
Newcomb, Nancy Rich Captain William Newcomb Nancy Rich Higgins 30 Dec 1857