Eight of these plans are drawn from actual survey of the premises, giving courses and distances; and two of them, the Powder-house and Jerusalem yards, are drawn from measurment of the outside line, giving their distances, and general coures.

   We have used our utmost endeavors to make this work accurate and reliable, for in that lies the value of a work of this kind; but that is next to impossible, for errors will creep in, and the next best thing we can do is to be honest, and publish a full list of errors, with corrections, that have come to our knowledge, after a long, close and careful examination and comparison of inscriptions, copies, proof sheets and printed text.

   In all of these burial-places, the graves generally head west and foot east, or nearly so.   In all indexes, when age is given, it is set down and called forty-nine years old, when it is stated that the person died "in the fiftieth year of his age," or "in his fiftieth year," or words to that effect; and in that way the age is reckoned and stated in all periods of life.


  BRIDGEWATER, Nov. 4, 1882.


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