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[Transcribed by Dale H. Cook]

   The Old Grave-yard in West Bridgewater, on the east side of Taunton Road, leading from Mill River to Mile Brook Bridge, now called South Street, was originally one acre of land, and about forty years ago was enlarged by an addition of land on the north and east sides, to its present form and quantity, to wit: nearly a triangle, and containing one acre, one quarter and eleven rods of land, then making a carriage way on the northerly and easterly side, as appears by the plan hereto annexed, made from an actual survey of the premises, and then enclosing the whole ground with a stone wall, as now appears.

   Some ten years ago the ground had become grown over to bushes, trees, wild grass and weeds, the stones covered with moss, and out of position.   A subscription was raised, the ground was dug over, graded and smoothed, the headstones cleaned and righted, the footstones removed to the back side of the headstones, and otherwise disposed of, so that the ground is now in comfortable condition for mowing, and for being kept in good order in the future.

   There is but one reference to this ground as a grave-yard in the old records, and that is its grant by the Proprietors of Bridgewater for a burial-place, and is found in the first volume of said Proprietors' Records at the top of page 153, in the hand-writing of Samuel Allen, who was the second Town and Proprietors' Clerk, from 1683 to 1702, and is in these words, under the head of "Edward Fobes:"

   "more, one aker and half and one aker for a burying place, liing at the hed of this aker and half liing at the hed of his tow house lot that hee bought of John Cary, bounded at the hed by tow red ok or black oke saplings."


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