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   There is no date to this grant or record.   It was without doubt after 1683, as Mr. Allen was not clerk till December 1683.   The record on the preceding page, 152, under the head of "The lands of Edward Fobes in the Township of Bridgewater, both uplands and meadow," is in the hand-writing of John Cary, the first Town and Proprietors' Clerk, from the first settlement of the town in 1651, to the day of his death, October 31, 1681.   Dea. Edward Fobes, son of John Fobes, an original proprietor, then lived where Dwelly Fobes now lives, and owned two house or garden lots, 24 X 80, 12 acres, bounded west by Samuel Edson, and east by road to Taunton, being the present road by his house and the burying-place, and the two house lots, 24 X 80, referred to in this record as bought of John Cary, mean the two house lots opposite the dwelling house of said Edward Fobes, now Dwelly Fobes, bounded east by John Ames, and west by the road aforesaid, which two house lots last named were owned, occupied and lived upon by John Cary, Jr., son of the old and first Town Clerk, who moved to Bristol, then a part of the Old Colony of Plymouth, and now in Rhode Island, and said Cary, Jr., of Bristol, sold and conveyed said two house lots to said Edward Fobes by deed dated July 7, 1683, recorded in Plymouth Registry, book 20, page 123.   The acre and half mentioned in said record lay at the head of these two house lots, and the one acre, referred to for a burying-place, lay at the head of the one acre and half, and is the present burying-ground, except the additions made some forty years ago, as above stated.   This ground was probably not used at all for a burying-place till after its grant for that purpose, and the grant was not made till after July 7, 1683, and may not have been for some years after that.

   The epitaphs fail to show that this ground was used much, if any, for the burial of persons living and dying in other parts of the town, afterward known as South, East and North Precincts.   According to grave-stone account Dea. Samuel Edson died 1692, his wife 1699, Rev. James Keith's first wife 1705, he 1719, all buried in this yard near each other.   The next five persons having grave-stones and buried here are a child of Doct. Perkins, 1720, a child of George Williams, 1721, Hannah, wife of Comfort Willis, 1723, æ 64, Martha Fobes, 1725, æ 6, and Joseph Keith, 1730, æ 55, said Joseph Keith being the only one of the nine children of Rev. James Keith, the exact date of whose birth is known.   He was no doubt born February 14, 1675, as stated on his grave-stone, and died September 27, 1730.


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