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[Transcribed by Dale H. Cook]

   1.   Daniel Howard, Esq., born April 24, 1749, died Aug. 23, 1833.

         Abigail, wife of Daniel Howard, Esq., born Oct. 15, 1754, died July 5, 1818.

   2.   Freelove, wife of Josiah Willis, formerly wife of Wm. Fobes, died April 27, 1854, æ 78.

   3.   Mr. William Fobes, died 30th April, 1812, in his 45 year,

   4.   In memory of Mrs. Alice Witherell, who died Feb. 15, 1804, in her 61st year.   Mr. Obediah Witherell, her husband, died in the West Indies, Aug. 30, 1775, æ 27.

   5.   Here lies burried Charlotte, Daughter of Capt. Abiel Ames, and Mrs. Olive [Alice], his wife, who died Feb. 1, 1797, in her 4th year.

   6.   Charles, Son of Mr. George Williams, Jr.   He died Dec. 8, 1806, in his 12th mo.

   7.   George Williams, Jr., died Aug. 21, 1809, in his 35th year.
                    Tears flow, and cares
                    not where the good man lies,
                    Till all who know him follow
                    to the skies;
                    Tears, therefore, fall
                    Where George's ashes sleep;
                    Him wife, friends, parent, children weep.
                    And justly few will over him transend,
                    As husband, Parent,
                    Child and Friend.

   8.   Mrs. Eunice Williams, Relict of Mr. George Williams, Jr., in the 36th year of her age.
                    Think, O! ye parents, think how great
                    How favored with your children in your view,
                    Whilts you enjoy your health, your wealth and State,
                    Prepare to follow me; teach them to follow you.

   9.   Sybel Porter, born Jan. 14, 1789, died Sept. 3, 1795, aged 6, years and 7 mos.   Lucy and Lois, born Feb. 26, 1791.   Lucy died Feb. 10, 1792,   Lois died 1838.   Drs. of Daniel and Abigail Howard.


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