[Transcribed by Dale H. Cook]

   92.   In memory of Mrs. Keziah, wife of Mr. Job Packard, who died Nov. 28, 1789, in the 61st year of her age.

   93.   In memory of Bathsheba, Daugh. of Prince Foard and Keziah, his wife.   She died July 16, 1782, aged 2 years, 8 days.

   94.   In memory of Zephania, son of Zephania Lathrop and Sarah, his wife.   He died Feb. ye 9th, 1781, in his 15th month.
                     This is a quick and sudden call,
                     Which must appear to us all;
                     Which was God's will to think it best
                     To take this babe from the breast.

   95.   Mrs. Abigail Packard.   (Footstone for 98).

   96.   Mr. Jonathan Packard, June ye 7th, 1746.   (See No. 97).

   97.   In memory of Mr. Jonathan Packard, who died in ye 62d year of his age, June ye 7th, 1746.

   98.   In memory of Mrs. Abigail, widow of Mr. Jonathan Packard, who departed this life May ye 19, 1766, in ye 91st year of her age.
                     My friends now stop, remember my age
                     That stands upon this stone,
                     For you that are upon the stage
                     Must make this House your home.

   Editor's note — The year of death as transcribed by Latham and as published in West Bridgewater VR is incorrect.   The first part of the gravestone actually reads:

Memento Mori / In Memory of Mrs / Abagail wido to Mr / Jonathan Packard, who / departed this life may / ye, 19th 1786 in ye, 90th / Year of her Age.

   I visited the cemetery in December of 2004 and took a photograph of the gravestone, and have enhanced that portion which includes her date of death.   These are large images - 160k and 187k.   Excellent black and white photographs of the stone are in the Farber Gravestone Collection   To find them search that site using the keywords "Abagail Packard" without the quotation marks. Note that you must spell her given name as Abagail in the search in order to find the correct photographs.   See also my article on the subject - Dale H. Cook, "Abigail Tomson's Gravestone," Mayflower Descendant 54:132-133.

   99.   In memory of Simeon, son of Capt. Edward Howard and Susanna, his wife.   He died April 18, 1783, in ye 21 year of his age.

   100.   Here is buried the body of Anna Snell, Daughter of Mr. Joseph and Ann Snell, who died May ye 2d, 1747, aged 4 years, wanting 10 days.

   101.   Here lies buried ye body of Nathan Snell, son of Mr. Joseph and Ann Snell, who died March ye 12, 1746-7, aged 21 mo., 15 days.

   102.   Here lies buried Mrs. Susanna Ames, wife of Mr. Joseph Ames, who died June 1st, N. S., 1753, in ye 37th year of her age.

   103.   In memory of Mr. Joseph Ames, who died May ye 14, 1790, in ye 72d year of his age.
                       My children dear this place draw near,
                       A father's grave to see;
                       Not long ago I was with you,
                       And soon you'll be with me.

   104.   Capt. Thomas Ames, born Mar. 24, 1736, died Aug. 23, 1812.   Deborah Ames his wife, born Nov. 3, 1736, died May 9, 1819.

   105.   Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Sally C., wife of Mr. John James, who died Aug. 23, 1831, aged 42 years.
                       No Epitaph with sounding words
                       The virtues of the dead to tell,
                       Is needed in a Daughters Heart,
                       Those virtues are remembered well.

   106.   In memory of Mr. Benjamin Randall, who died Dec. 9, 1841, in the 45th year of his age.

   107.   Here lies Silvey Lathrop, Daughter of Mr. Zephaniah and Sarah Lathrop.   She died April 18, 1792, in her 13th year.
                       So uncertain is our Lives,


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