[Transcribed by Dale H. Cook]

                       Dearest child thou hast left,
                       Here thy loss we deeply feel;
                       It is God that hath bereft us;
                       He can all our sorrows heal.

   193   Mary Alger died Jan. 12, 1858, aged 67 years.

   194.   In memory of Mrs. Rhoda, wife of Maj. David Lathrop.   She died May 6, 1802, in her 75th year.

   195.   In memory of three children of Mr. George Lathrop and Mrs. Molly, his wife.   Alson died Nov. 12, 1791, in his 8th year.   Rhoda died Nov. 17, 1791, in her 6th year.   Absalom died Nov. 9, 1791, in his 11th mo.

   196.   Here lies burried Mrs. Jerushah Bailey, relict of Mr. Joseph Bailey, late of Scituate, deceased, who died April 6th, 1758, in ye 76th year of her age.

   197.   In memory of Mr. Jesse Fuller Sturtevant, who died July ye 9, 1775, in ye 26 year of his age.

   198.   In memory of Mrs. Abigail Lathrop, the Daughter of Mr. Edward Lathrop and Abigail, his wife, who died Dec. ye 22, 1774, in ye 22 year of her age.

   199.   Here lies burried Mr. Samuel Willis, who died June 19, 1767, in ye 86 year of his age.   (Son of John and Experience (Byram) Willis).

   200.   Here lies burried Mrs. Margaret Willis, ye wife of Mr. Samuel Willis, who died Oct. 6, 1763, in the 86th year of her age.

   201.   In memory of Mr. Solomon Willis, who deceased Sept. 27, 1745, in ye 33d year of his age.
                  Memento Mori.

   202.   In memory of Miss Silence Whitman, died March 13, 1778, aged 26 years.

   203.   In memory of Mrs Bethia Howard, wife of David Howard, who deceased May ye 7th, in ye 39 year of her age.   (She died 1746.)
                       Memento Mori.

   204.   George Williams, ye son of Mr. Josiah Williams and Martha, his wife, was born Jan ye 9th, 1720, and died Apr. ye 23, 1721.

   205.   In memory of Capt. Nehemiah Washburn, who died Dec. ye 17, 1748, in ye 63d year of his age.

   206.   In memory of Mrs. Martha Williams, ye wife of Mr. Josiah Williams, who deceased Sept. ye 2, 1746, in ye 52d year of her age.
                       Memeto Mori.


Hic in pulvere dormit Spelle
Malitudinam arden tenimus.

[This Latin Inscription of five lines instead of two, when correctly cut and copied, may read as follows:

"Hic in pulvere dormit stellam
matutinarn ardentissime
expectans.   Hoc marmor dabit
ruin am.   Sed sperm christianam
non abolebit vetustas."

"Here in the dust he sleeps, most eagerly
awaiting the morning star.   This marble
will show a ruin, but age will not
destroy christian hope."]

In memory of
Mr. Josiah
who departed
this life Oct. 27, 1770,
in ye — year of his age.


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