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[Transcribed by Dale H. Cook]

   The Powder House Grave-yard, in West Bridgewater, is on the north side of the Plymouth road, leading from the old Bay road, by the old King house; contains forty-three square rods; is 205 feet long on said road, east and west; ninety-six feet back, north and south; has two entrances for carriages on said road — one at each end of the yard, and was used for a burying-place as early as 1747.

   About forty-two or forty-three years ago it was enlarged by taking in a narrow strip of land from one to two rods wide on three sides, when the wall and fence now there was made, and all done by the town of West Bridgewater.

   The oldest burials in this yard are Abigail, dau. of Josiah Snell, died May 13, 1747, æ 8, her sister Mary dying May 27, the same year, æ 11, Rhoda Packard, a child, dying April 4, 1750, Israel Packard, April 20, 1752, æ 35, and Josiah Snell, grandfather of the first two children above named, dying April 4, 1753, æ 78; only five persons being buried here before 1760, twenty-three dying in course of ten years after 1780, and seventeen between 1800 and 1810; and only two interments have been made since 1848 — Edward Snell, June 8, 1851, æ 54, and Linthea Snell, April 5, 1859, aged 64.   Of the ninety-nine persons having lettered grave-stones in this yard, thirty-four bore the name of Snell; seventeen, Packard; eleven, Hayward; nine, Richards.   There are but few graves without lettered stones.   All stones face south.   This ground has not been worked upon, or levelled off so as to obliterate the resting places of those persons who have no lettered head-stones.   No deed or ancient manuscript of these premises, or of any part thereof, is known to exist.

   Ebenezer Copeland, Sen., grandfather of the present James Copeland, of West Bridgewater, lost seven of his family between Jan. 7 and Mch. 11, 1800.   His wife and five children and his son's wife, all died of typhoid fever, to wit: James, d. Jan. 7, 1800, aged 25; Ruth d. Feb. 6, 1800, aged 14; Abby Godfrey d. Feb. 19, 1800, aged 48; Molly d. Feb. 24, 1800, aged 12; Rachel d. Feb. 25, 1800, aged 18; Betsey d. Mch. 6, 1800, aged 24; Mehitable Snell, wife of Eben, Jr., Mch. 11, 1800, aged 25.


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