[Transcribed by Arthur Richardson]

   73.   In memory of Mr. Jonathan Snell, who died Nov. 22, 1800, in his 83d year.
                     My time is spent, my days are past;
                     Eternity must count the rest;
                     My glass is out, my race is run;
                     The holy will of God is done.

   74.   In memory of Mr. Jonathan Snell, Jr., son of Mr. Jonathan Snell and Martha, his wife; he died March 9th, 1782, in the 30th year of his age.

   75.   In memory of Edward, son of Mr. Jonathan Snell and Martha, his wife, he died Dec. 22, 1782, in ye 18th year of his age.

   76.   In memory of Mr. Israel Packard, Jr., who died April 20th, 1752, aged 35 years and 14 days.   [Likewise his children, Cornelius, Zephaniah, Adin, Eldad, and Phebe.]

   77.   Rhoda, daughtr of Mr. Robert Packard and Lydia, his wife, born Oct. 4, 1749, died April 4, 1750.

   78.   Erected in memory of Mrs. Anne, wife of Mr. Ephraim Snell, who died June ye 9th, 1790, in ye 34th year of her age.

   79.   In memory of Capt. Ephraim Snell, who died Sept. 30, 1805, in his 50th year.
                     My children dear this place draw near,
                     A father's grave to see;
                     Not long ago I was with you,
                     And soon you'll be with me.

   80.   Mrs. Hannah, widow of Caleb Snell, formerly widow of Josiah Williams and Capt. Ephraim Snell, died July 5, 1846, in the 83d year of her age.

   81.   Erected to the memory of Ephraim, son of Mr. Ephraim Snell, and Mrs. Anne, his wife, who died July ye 10th, 1790, aged 7 weeks and 1 day.

   82.   In memory of Miss Bathsheba Snell, who died Oct. 7, 1734, aged 47.

   83.   Florette, daughter of Levi P. and Melora A. Bailey, died Sept. 1, 1846, aged 7 mos. and 6 days.
                     Early fled life, care and sorrow,
                     Lowly in the grave to rest;
                     She shall rise on a glorious morrow;
                     Rise to mingle with the blest.

   84.   Edward Snell, born Aug. 2, 1804, died June 8, 1858.
                     Gone home.

   85.   In memory of Mary W., wife of Edward Snell, who died May 29, 1844, in her 31st year.

   86.   In memory of Mrs. Hannah T., wife of Mr. Edward Snell, who died Nov. 3, 1840, in her 30 year.   Also their infant dau., died Oct. 29, 1840, aged 3 weeks.

   87.   In memory of Emmeline S., wife of Edward Snell, who died April 7, 1838, in the 30th year of her age.


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