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[Transcribed by Dale H. Cook]

   The Jerusalem Grave-yard is on the west side of the road leading from the almshouse to Jerusalem, in West Bridgewater, and was established as early as 1749; contains thirty-three square rods; is 150 feet on said road, running north and south, and extending back sixty-four feet east and west; has thirty-six lettered grave-stones, and some half a dozen graves unmarked except by native flat stone without inscription; graves head east; foot west; and all stones facing east.

   The Rev. John Burr, aged 61, and Dr. Abiel Howard, aged 72, were buried here in 1777.   The first two persons buried here were Mary Hayward, a child, died June 15, 1749; and John Howard, a child, died 1753; and the last two persons buried here were Jonathan Hayward, died April 30, 1824, aged 88; and Charity Howard, died Dec. 4, 1829, aged 82.   Twelve of the thirty-six persons having grave-stones died during ten years succeeding 1760, and half of the thirty-six died between 1770 and 1800, and only three besides the two above named have died since 1800—one in 1803, one in 1811, and one in 1813.

   This ground was virtually abandoned and wholly neglected for many years.   A good growth of wood and timber had grown up, and was standing thereon a few years ago, when the town of West Bridgewater extinguished the outstanding title, took possession of the premises, caused the wood and timber to be cut and removed, and enclosed the ground with a wooden post and rail fence on three sides thereof, and a stone wall on the back side.

   There are, in this yard, thirteen Haywards, five Burrs, and four each of the Bretts and Hartwells.   We are unable to find any ancient record relating to this grave-yard, and only one deed of land is known to exist, and that recently taken from Jane S. T. Hervey, daughter of Zeba Howard, and wife of L. D. Hervey, conveying the premises to the town of West Bridgewater.


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