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[Transcribed by Arthur Richardson]

[Most or all of these graves, along with burials that took place after this book was published, were removed to Pine Hill Cemetery on June 10, 1909.   Those reinterments for which we have found a record at Pine Hill are individually noted.   See the addendum on the directions page.]

      This yard contains sixteen to twenty square rods of land on Wolf Trap Hill, west side of Flaggy Meadow Brook, south side of the road, nearly opposite the dwelling house of James Otis Alger, in West Bridgewater.

      There is a common balance wall on the west side, and a bank wall on the north side, next to the road, and otherwise it is unenclosed.   There are four graves with grave-stones having the following inscription thereon, to wit:

     1.   James Keith, son of Mr. Calvin Keith, died of an epilepsy, March 13, 1801, in his 17th year.

     2.   Erected in memory of Lieut. James Alger, who died May 20, 1810, in his 82d year.

     3.   Erected in memory of Mrs. Martha Alger, wife of Lieut. James Alger; she died 23d Aug., 1813, in her 81st year.

     4.   Hannah, daughter of Kingman and Sarah Cook, died Jan. 29, 1822, 2 years, 10 mos.

      And there are five graves in this yard without monument or inscription, to wit:

     1.   A daughter of Abiezer Alger, Jr., stillborn, June 21, 1813.

     2.   Rachel Keith, born July 22, 1744, died about 1815, 71 years of age.   (She was a dau. of Ebenezer Keith, and half-sister of the first Abiezer Alger's wife).

     3.   Abiezer Alger, 3d, son of Abiezer Alger, Jr., born Nov. 20, 1820, died Feb. 14, 1822, 1 year, 2 months, 25 days.

[Grave removed to Pine Hill Cemetery, Section 8, Lot 27.   See Pine Hill Cemetery Plan.]

     4.   A son of Abiezer Alger, Jr., stillborn, Jan. 10, 1823.


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