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   Since the preceding pages were printed, we have found a deed from John Field to John Howard, dated May 16, recorded in Plymouth Registry, book 11, page 218, conveying to said Howard "a tract of land butting the Town River; bounded westerly by land of James Keith, easterly by the highway, and on the northerly end it is bounded by Mr. Keith's head fence, next to the highway that goes to Jonathan Howard, and by an heap of stones, and so by that range to the high way, only excepting sixteen pole of land joining to the burying-place, being two poles in breadth, eight poles in length.   The rest of said tract containing twelve acres and a half."

   Jonathan Howard then lived where the late Lloyd Howard lived, near Nahum Leonard's house, and was a brother of the grantee, called John Minimus, and Tapster John; and the third highway referred to means the Boston road, leading from the house of Benjamin Howard, by the house of Francis E. Howard, to and by the present meeting house, and these premises are the two house lots, each twelve by eighty, originally laid out to George Turner, whereon he lived, and on his death, about 1696, descended, and became the property of his son, John Turner, who conveyed the same to said John Field, by deed dated March 17, 1706, book 13, page 144, and was bounded westerly by the homestead of Rev. James Keith, now George M. Pratt's, and easterly by said Boston road.


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