[Transcribed by Dale H. Cook]

                       May angels guard this lovely clay,
                       Till comes the great decisive day;
                       When in her Savior's image drest,
                       She wakes to be completely blest.

   112.   Erected to the memory of Mr. Edward Hayward, who died Sept. 25, 1818, in the 66th year of his age.
                       Friend nor physician could not save
                       This mortal body from the grave;
                       Nor can the grave confine it here
                       When Christ shall call it to appear.

   113.   Jenny, wife of Edward Hayward, died May 21, 1848, in her 85 year.
                       She lived beloved
                       And died lamented.

   114.   Ann, daught. of Col. Abram and Pamelia Washburn, died June 26, 1828, æt. 15 mos.
                       Closed is the eye of joyful mirth;
                       A parent's fondest hopes are fled;
                       Scarce done rejoicing at her birth,
                       'Ere we must place her with the dead.

   115.   In memory of Pamelia, wife of Col. Abram Washburn, 2d, who died Mar. 25, 1831, æt. 33.

   116.   Caleb Keith, died June 7, 1835, aged 48 years.
         Hasadiah, his widow, died July 28, 1866, aged 73 years, 7 mos.
                       A father and a mother's grave.

   117.   Here lies buried Mrs. Susanna Packard, ye wife of Mr. Joseph Packard, who died June 20th, 1756, in ye 54th year of her age.

   118.   Here lies buried Mr. Joseph Packard, who died October ye 19th, 1760, in ye 63d year of his age.

   119.   Here lies buried Mrs. Judith Packard, relict to Mr. John Packard, who died June 19, 1761, in ye 90th year of her age.

   120.   Here lies the body of Mr. John Packard, who decd March ye 16th, 1741, in ye 85th year of his age.

   121.   Here lies ye body of Mr. John Hooper, who decd Augut ye 19th, 1741, in ye 44th year of his age.

   122.   Here lies ye body of Mrs. Elizabeth Hooper, who died July ye 10th, 1744, in ye 43d year of her age.

   123.   In memory of Mr. John Hooper, who died May 7, 1750, in ye 25th year of his age.

   124.   Memento Mori.   In memory of Mrs. Hannah, wife of Mr. John Hooper, who died Sept. ye 2d, 1782, in the 36th year of her age.
                       Death is a debt to nature due,
                       Which I have paid, and so must you.

   125.   In memory of John, son of Mr. John and Mrs. Hannah Hooper, who died Dec. ye 17th, 1777, aged 3 days.

   126.   Here lies Mr. David Thayer, who died March 13th, 1795, in the 68th year of his age.


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