[Transcribed by Dale H. Cook]

   251.   Memento Mori.   In memory of Mrs. Betty Conant, wife of Mr. Lot Conant, who died June ye 19th, A. D. 1778, in ye 51st year of her age.
                       Depart my friends,
                       Wipe off your tears;
                       Here I must lie
                       Till Christ appears.

   252.   The daught. of Shubael Lovell and Bethia, his wife, born March 3d, 1811.

   253.   Levi Hooper, son of Mr. Levi Hooper, of Walpole, died July 16th, 1790, in his 20th year.
                       How strange my God who reigns on high,
                       That I should come so far to die;
                       And leave my friends where I was bread,
                       To lay my bones with strangers' dead.
                          But hark!
                       Methinks I hear a voice to say,
                       Make haste, my son, and come away;
                       Don't hissitate upon God's decree,
                       To us unknown which was to be.

   254.   In memory of Mr. James Hooper, who died June 30th, 1784, in the 77th year of his age.

   255.   In memory of Mrs. Mary, ye wife of Mr. James Hooper, who died Decr 28th, 1757, in the 42d year of her age.

   256.   In memory of a son of Mr. James Hooper and Susanna. his wife, who was born and died March 10th, 1781.

   257.   Here lies James, son of Mr. James and Mrs. Susanna Hooper; he died March 27th, 1789, aged 10 months.

   258.   Here lies Eunice, daughter of Mr. James and Mrs. Susanna Hooper, who died June 29th, 1795, in her 17th year.

   259.   Parnel, daught. of Lt. James Hooper, died Sept. 27, 1825, æt. 39.

   260.   In memory of Lt. James Hooper, died Oct. 31, 1828, æt. 82.
                       My living friends, when this you see,
                       Stop here and think, O, think of me;
                       All earthly things I leave behind,
                       The joys of heaven in hopes to find.

   (Stone broken and prostrate.)

   261.   Susanna, wife of James Hooper, died Mar. 9, 1833, æt. 83.
                       Farewell my earthly friends below;
                       Tho' all so kind and dear to me,
                       My Jesus calls and I must go.

   262.   Moses, ye son of Mr. Moses Orcut, died June ye 7th, 1740, aged 7 years [weeks].

   263.   In memory of Lucy A. Sprague, wife of Benjamin Sprague, who died Sept. 20th, 1827, aged 35.
                       "She is not here,
                        She is risen;"


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