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[Transcribed by Dale H. Cook]

   This yard is the oldest in Bridgewater outside of the old graveyard near the Unitarian church.   It is in the north corner of Cross and Vernon streets, contains one-half acre, all enclosed with a common balance wall, having an entrance for carriages on Vernon street, and another on Cross street, with a drive-way from one to the other, as seen on the plan, which encloses the old part of this burying-ground, which was first buried upon, and now has many unmarked graves, and is much grown over to low bushes and wild grass, and needs the hand of improvement.   The oldest grave-stone in this yard is that of Ezekiel, son of Jesse Leach (No. 38), died May 6, 1751, aged 7.   The next oldest are Zebedee Leach, 1754, aged 5; William Hooper, 1755, aged 53; and Lois Hooper, 1756, aged 49.   Only eight grave-stones in the whole yard previous to 1800.   In 1850, 155 graves could be distinctly seen and counted.

   This ground being part of the old Samuel Alden farm, late Zephaniah Fobes [Zephaniah Fobes Azel or Hazael Alden, son of Josiah, and grandson of said Samuel], farm, was probably given by said Samuel Alden, who was a son of Dea. Joseph Alden, and lived north of Cross street, and east of this yard, and died 1785, aged 80.   It was formerly called the Alden grave-yard, in Titicut.

   It is also claimed to have been given by Joshua Fobes, a son of Dea. Edward Fobes, said Joshua being the first white man settler in Titicut, and lived where the late Robert and Bela Fobes lived, and died 1767, aged 78.   He dug his well with a wooden shovel in one day.   At this time there was no house south of him, and only one house between his house and West Bridgewater, where his father lived.   His daughter, Bethia, born 1712, was the first white child born in Titi-


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