[Transcribed by Dale H. Cook]

   Scotland graveyard is the third graveyard established in Bridgewater, and is on the north side of Pleasant street, in that part of Bridgewater called Scotland.   The first ground used for burial was given by Benjamin Keith and Josiah Fobes, 1753, about one-quarter of an acre, in equal moieties; but no deed thereof is known to exist.

   In 1832, December 7, Benjamin Keith gave deed to Daniel Dyer, conveying to him five square rods.   In 1851, June 7, Benjamin S. Kingman and wife conveyed to Isaac Fobes and others six square rods; and in 1872, October 1, Benjamin Keith conveyed to Royal Keith and others twenty-five rods of land on the back side of the old lot, called the new part, being a strip of land, sixty-four feet wide as it joins the old part on the northeasterly side, running back about 122 feet, and being forty-four feet wide on the back side.   All these conveyances are in trust for the benefit of the burying-place.   This new part has a few graves, but no plan or account is taken thereof.

   There was a record of all burials in this yard from 1753 to 1851, kept by the Dea. Ezra Fobes family, which is now in my possession.   From this record it appears that the number of interments in this yard from 1753 to 1799, inclusive, a period of forty-seven years, was ninety-one, and that twenty-eight of these ninety-one graves have lettered head-stones; that the number of interments from 1800 to 1851, inclusive, a period of fifty-two years, was 116; and that about eighty of these 116 graves have lettered head-stones.   The number of interments since 1851, in the old yard, is about sixty, of which about fifty of the graves have lettered head-stones, making 207 graves before 1851, and about sixty graves since.   We number only 239 epitaphs.   Many graves are now lost, or have no head-stones.   About seventy of the 239 graves have no lettered head-stones; and twenty-five of these seventy graves are known, and the names are in the index, except the colored people.

   Samuel Hayward was the first person buried in this yard, 1753.   This Samuel married Hannah Hill, 1732; was a son of Samuel, who lived awhile at Cleft Rock, in Joppa, East Bridgewater.   This Samuel lived on Elm street in 1749; was a constable, 1735; and lived on Sugar Hill about the time of his death, 1753.


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