[Transcribed by Arthur Richardson]

   30.   Friendship's tribute.   Rev. James D. Farnsworth, born at Groton, Mass., Sept. 11, 1793; graduated at Harvard University, 1819 [1818]; settled in the ministry at Oxford [Orford], N. H., 1823; at Paxton, Mass. 1835; at Roxbouough [Boxborough], Mass., 1841; at Scotland, Mass., 1853; died Nov. 12, 1854, aged 61 years.
                     A pastor, husband, father, friend;
                     In duty quick with heart and hand;
                     Belov'd by all — he all would bless;
                     His aim was christian holiness.

   31.   Rebecca M. T., wife of Rev. James D. Farnsworth, born Nov. 1, 1797, died April 25, 1872.
                     Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

   32.   Olive F., daughter of Col. Franklin and Mary Leach, died Oct. 30, 1845, aged 6 years.

   33.   In memory of Mrs. Chloe, wife of Mr. Apollos Leach, who died Dec. 30, 1834, aged 61 years.

   34.   In memory of Apollos Leach, who died Oct. 12, 1832, æt. 63.

   35.   Hasadiah, wife of James Leach, died March 4, 1826, æt. 79.
                     Peace to thy gentle shade, thy soul is free;
                     Death's but the gate to immortality.

   36.   In memory of Mr. James Leach, who died Dec. —, 1799, in his 63d year.
                     My time is spent, my days are past;
                     Eternity must count the rest;
                     My glass is out, my race is run,
                     The holy will of God is done.

   37.   No inscription.

   38.   Alpheus Leach, died Aug. 17, 1841, æ 76.

   39.   Cassandana, wife of Alpheus Leach, died Sept. 11, 1858, æ 91.

   40.   No inscription.   (It is the resting place of Oliver Keith).

   41.   Otis Keith, died Dec. 7, 1866, aged 76 yrs., 8 mo., 12 ds.

   42.   In memory of Olive, daught. of Benjamin and Olive Keith, died Feb. 1, 1825, æt. 27.
                     When blooming youth is snatched away
                     By death's resistless hand,
                     Our hearts the mournful tribute pay
                     Which pity must demand.

   43.   Elmer E., son of Oliver and Julia Keith, died Sept. 22, 1863, æ 7 mos and 1 day.
                     Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade,
                     Death came with friendly care;
                     The opening bud to heaven conveyed
                     And bid it blossom there.

   44.   Adelaide, dau. of Oliver and Julia Keith, May 1, 1864, æ 16 yrs., 10 ms. and 4 ds.


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