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[Transcribed by Dale H. Cook]

   The South street grave-yard, formerly called the Keith grave-yard, in Titicut, originally one acre, on the west side of South street, near the house of the late Zephaniah Keith, being sixteen rods long on said sireet, north and south, and ten rods wide, running back westerly, was given by Lt. Amos Keith, by deed dated Jan. 1, 1771; recorded April 14, 1772, in Plymouth Registry book 56, page 186.   This deed runs "to the north part of Titicut Precinct, in the south part of Bridgewater," being all the territory between the Four Mile line and Taunton river, "and to Thomas Haward (should be Hayward) and his family," for "the interment of people in that part of the parish and Mr. Haward’s family."   This Thomas Hayward, an ensign—written wrongfully Haward in the deed—lived front of the house of Horace and Virgil Ames, on the opposite side of the road, and north of the Four Mile line, outside of Titicut Precinct.   He married Constant, a daughter of Samuel Keith, and grand-daughter of Rev. James Keith, about 1729; had six sons and one daughter; and died 1789, aged 87. They both were buried in this yard.

   This ground was first used for a burying-place by the interment of Joseph Harvey, 2d, who died February 21, 1756, aged 35, and is No. 125 in the epitaphs.   It is stated on the stone that he was the first person buried there.   There is no allusion in the deed to its having been given or used for burial before this time; but there is no doubt of its having been given and used before the date of the deed.

   Lt. Amos Keith, the donor, was a son of Samuel, and grandson of the Rev. James Keith; died 1782; and lived where the late Seth Wilbur lived.


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