[Transcribed by Dale H. Cook]

   There are but seven grave-stones of persons dying between the first burial, 1756, and the date of this deed, 1771.

   In 1850, 188 graves were counted and quite visible, and it was then thought that there might be twenty or thirty graves not counted.

   We now find and number 268 graves in the whole, which includes about ninety graves unmarked, having only natural stones, without inscription.   With the aid of neighbors, we are able to identify about sixty of these ninety graves, and against such numbers we have written "No ins.," meaning no inscription, and also the name of the person known to be buried in that place; and against these thirty unknown graves, we have written "No ins.," and numbered them and nothing more.

   This yard has lately been enlarged by the addition of a strip of land on the back side, five rods wide, east and west; and sixteen rods long, north and south; given by the late Zephaniah Keith, not included in the plan hereto annexed; but forming one burying-place, with a good bank wall on the east side, next to south street, and a good balance wall upon all the other sides.

   The ground has been lately much improved with a drive-way, and several good private yards have been made.   The graves head west and foot east; but the grave-stones for about two rows next to South street have been turned around, and face east, instead of west, as originally placed.


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