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[Transcribed by Dale H. Cook]

   The old Trinity church grave-yard contains forty-four square rods, on the north side of Main street, close to the church, measuring 112 feet in front on said street, and 112 feet on each side, and 105 feet on the back side.   It is a part of the fourteen and a half acres given by Samuel Edson, by deed, to said church, dated January 23, 1747, recorded in Plymouth Registry, book 39, page 72, for a "church edifice, buryplace and glebe," including a few rods given by the late John Edson, by deed of November 26, 1826.   It has a stone wall in front, on said street, and on the northwest side, and on the southeast side, from the street to the church, and there is no wall or fence on the remaining southeast side, nor on the back side.

   The burial-place comes within six feet of the church.   The meeting-house lot is next adjoining the burying-ground lot, and is about the same size, and is on the southeast side of it.

   It has three marble monuments, enclosed each with an iron fence and stone posts, erected in the year 1850, by John Edson, Increase Robinson, and Jacob Robinson.   Samuel Edson, the donor, died 1771, and his wife, Mary, died February 5, 1778, were buried here, both 82 years of age.   The oldest grave-stone is that of Martha, a daughter of Francis and Susanna Perkins, who died September 16, 1763, aged 8 months; and she is said to be the first person buried in this yard.   The next was a child of Francis Perkins, died 1768, aged 2 years.


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