[Transcribed by Dale H. Cook]

   This burial-place was not much used for the first twenty or thirty years, and was, in 1873, enlarged by an addition of about one acre and sixty rods on the back side of this burial lot, and back side of said meeting-house lot adjoining, by Mary Edson, widow of said John Edson, deceased; which new part runs back of these two front lots about 300 feet, and is nearly 200 feet wide, and has been laid out into 161 lots, which she sells to persons as wanted.   A few interments have been made in this new part; but no account thereof has been taken.

   Most of the graves in this old part have head-stones and foot-stones, and there are very few graves in this yard without grave-stone and inscription.

   All grave-stones front west; and the three lots enclosed with iron rails and stone posts, being square, also face west.   All foot-stones remain in their proper places, and an iron gate with stone posts is in the northwest corner of the yard.


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