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[Transcribed by Arthur Richardson]

   The old grave-yard near Jennings brook, sometimes called Japan grave-yard, contains fifty square rods, was given for that purpose about 1766, by Samuel Jennings, who lived on the homestead of his father, Richard Jennings, on the northerly side of High street, about forty rods in a southerly direction from these premises.   The well and cellar still to be seen.   [Transcriber's note: I don't think so today.]

   This Richard Jennings was in the Swamp Fight of King Philip's War, Sunday, December 19, 1675; married Mary Bassett, of Sandwich, and was living here in Bridgewater, on her land, before 1686; had four daughters, all well married; and four sons.   In 1735, sixty years after the fight, this Richard and one Daniel Hudson, two of the fourteen men from Bridgewater in that engagement, were alive, living here in Bridgewater, and then obtained their land bounty for serving in that war.   In 1729 he gave to his son Samuel a deed of his homestead, reserving a life estate on account of his lameness, and died in 1751, and was buried in the old grave-yard near the Unitarian meeting-house.   His son, Samuel, never married; became insane, 1776; and from that time to his death, 1785, was under the guardianship of Edward Mitchell, Jr.   This family has become extinct — or at least no descendants of the male line are known to be living.

   This ground has a face stone wall with an iron gate in front on the south side of the ground, next to High street, there measuring


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