[Transcribed by Arthur Richardson]

    9.   In memory of Mrs. Hannah Hall, died May 9, 1827, aged 31 yrs., 10 mos., 26 days.

   10.   Lavina Hall, dau. of Sylvanus and Hannah Hall, died Jan. 8, 1862, æ 68 yrs., 10 mos. 23 days.
                     Blessed are the pure in heart,
                     For they shall see God.

   11.   Nancy, wife of Ebenezer Hall, died Mar. 6, 1863, aged 74 yrs., 4 mos., 5 days.
                     My mother in heaven, a little while
                     And I will be with thee.

   12.   Nancy D. Pratt, born Aug. 9, 1828, died Aug. 10, 1872.

   13.   Ebenezer Hall, born Oct. 16, 1788, died Apr. 29, 1874.

   14.   Lemina Lewis, died Nov. 11, 1849, æ 3 yrs., 7 mos.   Celia Luretta, died Mch. 14, 1852, aged 4 mos.   Also an infant son, died March 21, 1843, aged 21 days.   Children of Daniel and Huldah Darling.
                     So fades the lovely blooming flower,
                     Frail smiling solace of an hour;
                     So soon our choicest comforts fly,
                     And pleasures only bloom to die.

   15.   In memory of Mrs. Abigail, the wife of Mr. Perez Waterman, who died Jan. 19, 1782, in the 66 year of her age.

   16.   In memory of Mr. Perez Waterman, who died Aug. 9, 1793, in the 80 year of his age.

   17.   In memory of Martin, son of Mr. Perez Waterman, who died Nov. 7, 1792, in the 20th [12th] year of his age.

   18.   In memory of Mrs. Hannah, the wife of Mr. Nathaniel Hayward; she died Jan. 15, 1795, aged 62.

   19.   In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Hayward, who died Nov. 7, 1766, in the 47 year of her age.   Wife of Mr. Nathaniel Hayward.

   20.   In memory of Nathaniel Hayward, who died Nov. ye 9, 1780, in 63d year of his age.
                     Reader, stand still and shed a tear,
                     Think on the dust that slumbers here;
                     And when [sic]

   21.   In memory of Philip Hayward, who died Aug. 20, 1769, in 22d year of his age.

   22.   In memory of Adam, son of Mr. Nathaniel and Hannah Hayward, who died Mch. 7, 1777, aged 1 yr., 12 days.

   23.   Levi Loel Carr, died Aug. 17, 1854, aged 23 years.
                     An opening bud, a blooming flower,
                     Cut down and withered in an hour;
                     'Tis thus our earthly comforts fly,
                     And prospects brighten but to die.
                     Thy life is o'er, thy race is run,
                     Thy days were few, thy work is done,
                     Thy soul has fled to worlds above,
                     We trust to rove in fields of love.


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