[Transcribed by Arthur Richardson]

   24.   Maria Adalaide, died July 17, 1854, æ 15 mo.   George Walter, died May 31, 1852, æ 19 mos., 19 days.   Alma Amelia, died Sept. 26, 1855, æ 11 mos., 20 days.   Children of Nelson O. and Sarah E. Carr.
                     Sleep, little children sleep,
                     Not on thy mother's breast,
                     But in thy Savior's arms,
                     Henceforth shall be thy rest.

   25.   Sarah E. Carr, wife of Nelson O. Carr, died Oct. 2, 1863, aged 32 yrs., 5 mos.
                     Sarah thou hast gone before us
                     To thy calm and happy home,
                     There to join the heavenly chorus
                     With angels that surround the throne.
                     Thy life on earth is ended,
                     And thy works do follow thee,
                     Where thy footsteps have ascended
                     To a world of purity.

   26.   Here lies Esther Negus; she died May 14th, 1785, in the 88 year of her age.   Wife of Mr. Jonathan Negus.

   27.   Here lies Mr. Ichabod Pope, who died May 8th, 1795, in the 55th year of his age.

   28.   Alles, relict of Joseph Pratt, died Oct. 13, 1803, æt. 96.
                     By long experience I have known,
                     God's sovereign power to save;
                     At his command I venture down,
                     Securely to the grave.

   29.   Capt. Thomas Cushman, born 25th Sept. [June], 1736, died 15 Oct., 1820.   Mrs. Bethia Cushman, born 15 Nov., 1755, died 28 Nov., 1822.   A son of Capt. Thomas and Mrs. Bethia Cushman, still-born 11 Sept., 1797.

   30.   Edwin, born 11 July 1824, died 21, Sept. 1826.   Franklin, born 23, Oct. 1825, died 29, Sept., 1826.   George, born 11 July, 1835, died 23 Oct., 1854.   Julius, born 30th Sept., 1843, died 5 Apr., 1844.   Children of Thomas and Lucy Cushman.

   31.   Mary A. Perkins, died Oct. 21, 1840, æ 7 weeks.   George D. Boardman, died Oct. 17, 1843, æ 3 mos.   Children of Benjamin and Sarah W. Darling.
                     We bend in anguish over you,
                     Yet feel that you are blest;
                     Loved ones so early summoned,
                     To enter into rest.

   32.   Sarah W., wife of Benjamin Darling, died Aug. 30, 1868, aged 61 yrs., 10 mos., 11 days.
                     Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

   33.   In memory of Lydia, wife of Samuel Rider, who died July 8, 1854, aged 85 years.

   34.   In memory of Samuel Rider, who died June 18, 1837, in his 69 year.


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