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   The Alden grave-yard, sometimes called the Great Woods grave-yard, and so called on account of the large trees formerly found growing in that neighborhood, is on the northwesterly side of Titicut street, in that part of Bridgewater called the Great Woods; there measuring, on said street, 122 feet, and running back on the northeasterly side 136 feet; on the southwesterly side 119 feet; and measuring on the back side 97 feet.   It lays at the head of the second one-hundred-acre lot in the division of the one-thousand-acre lot into ten great lots of one hundred acres each, lying on the north side of the Taunton river, in Bridgewater, below the mouth of the Winatuxett river.

   The land was given by Solomon and Amasa Alden at different times, and was first used for burial purpose, in 1793.   There are two carriage entrances from said street, each twelve feet wide, with a good bank wall next to said street, and a balance wall on all other sides.

   The tomb in this yard, towards the back side, was built by Solomon and Amasa Alden, and belongs to their heirs, and has several bodies deposited therein.

   This ground had, in 1850, 27 graves and 23 grave-stones, and now (1882) has about 60 graves, counting said tomb as a grave for the bodies therein, and about fifty grave-stones.


   1.   Mrs. Sarah Shaw, wife of Dea. Asael Shaw, died Nov. 16, 1831, æ 75 years.
                  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

   2.   Dea. Asael Shaw, died May 3, 1844, æ 92 years, 5 mos. and 6 ds.
                  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth,
                    Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors,
                    and their works do follow them.

   3.   In memory of Mrs. Sarah, widow of Mr. Solomon Alden, who died Aug. 28, 1815, in her 86 year.
                  'Tis but a few whose days amonnt
                  To three-score years and ten,
                  And all beyond that short account
                  Is sorrow, toil, and pain.


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