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[Transcribed by Arthur Richardson]

   One on the east side of Conant street, a few rods north of the Four Mile line, near the house of the late Rufus Wood.   This yard has nine graves and six grave-stones, as follows:

   1.   In memory of Ford Bearce, son of Jacob Bearce and Hannah, his wife, of Pembroke, born June 25, 1853 [sic, 1753 (Bridgewater VR)], and died April 20, 1778.

   2.   Jabes Fuller, died Dec. 8, 1788, in his 95th year.
                  My young dear friends, shed tears,
                  Down by this stone my body is here;
                  Make Jesus Christ your hope and trust
                  Before your body turns to dust.

   3.   O remember death.   In memory of Lieut. Jonathan Benson, who died of small-pox Dec. 16, 1788, in the 71st year of his age.
                  My flesh shall slumber in the ground
                  Till the archangel's solemn sound
                  Shall wake my dust, and bid it rise
                  To join my soul and mount the skies.

   4.   In memory of Maj. James Allen, who died with the small-pox Jan. 10, 1789, in ye 54th year of his age.

   5.   In memory of Adam Besse, who died of small-pox Jan. 11, 1793, in ye 23 year of his age.

   6.   In memory of Mr. Chilton Latham, who died of ye small-pox Jan. 16, 1793, in ye 53 year of his age.
                  Death is a debt to nature due,
                  Which I have paid and so must you.

   Three other graves are found and distinctly visible, but have no graves-stones, and are not known.   No. 4 heads south, and foots north; all the other graves head north and foot south.

   The Rufus Wood dwelling-house, near these premises, was used for a pox-house on several occasions, and all persons buried here, except Latham, died in this Rufus Wood house.   Latham died in his own house, about one mile off.

   Two children of Jacob Washburn—a son of Gideon Washburn, who lived in front of the Rev. S. Sanger house—died of the small-pox, and were buried on the southeast side of the Great Hill.   One of these children died May 3, and one May 19, 1777.   A third grave is said to be seen at this place, on south side of this hill, and is supposed to be the grave of one Benson.

   Another pox grave-yard is to be seen on the William Dunbar farm, at the extreme west end of that farm.   It contained 3 graves: Ebenezer


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