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Hill, a son of said Jonathan Hill, who had four children, 1715-1730, and died 1760, and whose son, Jacob Hill, built the first house on the spot where Henry G. Hill now lives, and who married Abigail Bonney, had five children, 1754-1764, and died 1804, aged 87.

   This first Jacob Hill was the father of the second Jacob Hill, who married Anne Tribou, 1780; had six children, 1783-1792; lived on this place, and died 1827, aged 70, and was buried in the old East Bridgewater grave-yard.   His farm passed from him to his two sons, Bela and Bezer, by descent and purchase, and on their deaths, Beza dying 1821, and Bela dying Dec. 8, 1862, aged 72, came to Henry G. Hill and Mrs. Noyes, who now own and occupy the same.

   There was another house—well still to be seen—about half-way between Mr. Strong's house and Matfield river, on the old Cary farm.   The late Dea. John Whitman is said to have gone to school in this house.   Of course, the house must have been standing as late as 1740.   It was, no doubt, the residence of Francis Cary, son of the old town clerk, who was brought up with Samuel Tomkins, and had his estate in East Bridgewater, and who married Hannah Brett as early as 1685, and who had five children; Ephraim, one of the oldest, married Hannah Waldo, 1709, and had five children, 1709-1716, owned and lived upon his father's homestead and house, and died 1765, aged 87.

   Who were these six adult persons, whether they died of the small-pox or otherwise?

   There are ten graves of the Hill family in the old grave-yard near the town-house in East Bridgewater, that have grave-stones, to wit:

Israel Hill, died 1753, aged 1;   Polly Hill, died 1835, aged 38;
John   "    " 1753,    " 3;   Jane B.   "    " 1838,    " 31;
Bezer   "    " 1821,    " 29;   Chas. H.   "    " 1842,    " 23;
Anna   "    " 1823,    " 65;   Hannah G.    " 1862,    " 64;
Jacob   "    " 1827,    " 70;   Bela   "    " 1862,    " 72.

   The persons who have lived with families on the homestead are:

   1.   Jonathan Hill, had five children, and was living 1706.

   2.   Ebenezer, son of said Jonathan, had four children, 1715-1730, died 1760.

   3.   Eleazer, son of Ebenezer (2); married Dr. Field's daughter, 1769; no children; lived with his father; died 1791, aged 62.

   4.   Jacob, son of Ebenezer (2), had five children, 1754-1764, died 1804, aged 87.

   5.   Jacob, son of Jacob (4), had six children, 1783-1792, died 1827, aged 70.


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