[Transcribed by Dale H. Cook]

   A private yard near the house of the late Dea. Eleazer Whitman, and belonging to his family, on the south side of the road, east of his house, and west of Canada; 120 feet on the road, and running back 60 feet; all walled in, with an entrance at each end.   It has twenty-two graves, and eighteen grave-stones, and the oldest grave in the yard is 1827.   Several old persons are buried in this yard, to wit:

Rachel Whitman,   died 1878, aged 94, 5, 11;
Daniel Whitman, died April 30, 1879,    " 95, 0, 18;
Abigail Whitman,    " 1875,    " 87, 1, 20;
Eleazer Whitman,    " 1846,    " 91;
Mary Porter,    " 1836,    " 85;
Mary Whitman,    " 1832,    " 79;
Luther Chamberlain,    " Dec. 20, 1842,    " 39;
Asa Tom Whitman    " June 20, 1875,    " 54, 7, 19;
Asa Whitman    " 1827,    " 44.

   Besides the above burying-places, all modern except the one on Central street and small-pox burials, there are now five grave-yards, called cemeteries, in East Bridgewater, and which were commenced since 1800, and do not come within the limits of this work.   Their dates are about as follows:

   Beaver cemetery, 1809; Union cemetery, 1842; East Bridgewater cemetery, 1846; Elmwood cemetery, 1847; Northville cemetery, 1855.

   All graves in this old yard head nearly west.   The foot stones have been removed to the back side of the head-stones.   The ground, always cared for by the town and individuals, has lately been dug over and very much improved; wild grass, weeds, and bushes killed; trees trimmed and destroyed, ground smothed and leveled; stones righted and cleaned of moss, and yet some of the stones are nearly illegible, and will be more so if neglected and nothing done to preserve the letters and figures.

   A few head-stones near the wall, between the gate and the south corner of the yard, by consent of the parties, have been removed to other parts of the yard.   The foot-stones to such graves, remain in their original places.

   The figures on the plan represent 581 grave-stones, and include five graves without stones numbered, and marked "No inscription," and eleven graves with native, flat, rough stones, with initials of name and year of death, one or both, cut thereon, as appears at end of the index to epitaphs in this yard.   Who they were is not known.


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