[Transcribed by Arthur Richardson]

   75.   In memory of Mr. Joshua Pratt; he died October ye 27th, 1773, in ye 68th year of his age.
                     The sweet remembrance of the past
                     Shall flourish when they sleep in dust.

   76.   Head-stone—no inscription.   Foot-stone—Mrs. Experience Pratt.   (Widow of Joshua Pratt, died 1773).

   77.   Here lies the body of Miss Sarah Pratt; she died Novbr the 27th, 1782, in the 49th year of her age.   (Daughter of Joshua Pratt).

   78.   In memory of Lieut. Samuel Beal, who died May 5, 1750, in ye 46th year of his age.

   79.   In memory of Mr. Elnathan Bassett, who died April 20th, 1750, aged 74 years.

   80.   1747.   J. B.

   81.   John Angier, 1747.   (Foot-stone to No. 63).

   82.   In memory of Mary, wife of Mr. Joshua Pratt, died March 31, 1828, æt. 72.

   83.   In memory of Mary, wife of Mr. Joshua Pratt, died March 31, 1828, æt. 72.   (Same as No. 82).

   84.   William Pratt, died Sept. 16, 1861, aged 77 years.   (Son of Joshua).

   85.   Celia, wife of William Pratt, died Aug. 4, 1853 (born 1790), aged (63).

   86.   Polly, dau. of Joshua and Mary Pratt, died Nov. 24, 1861, aged 64 years and 6 mo.

   87.   In memory of Doc. Josiah Otis, who died March 25th, 1808, in his 59th year.   (Son of Doc. Isaac Otis; and married a daughter of Hon. Hugh Orr).

   88.   In memory of Mrs. Mehitable, wife of Doct. Isaac Otis; she died March 15th, 1800, her age 72.

   89.   In memory of Doct. Isaac Otis; he was born Sept. ye 26th, 1719, deceased December ye 9th, 1785, in the 67th year of his age.   (Grad. H. U., 1738; married a daughter of Jonathan Bass).
                     Thus dies the great man of skill,
                     The tirant death he confers [conquer] will,
                     And reigns without control.
                     The man beloved, faithful, and just,
                     Lies sleeping in the silent dust,
                     But where's the deathless soul?
                     On angels wings hath took its flight;
                     Far from the ken of human sight;
                     Until that God who gave.
                     We trust he was a chosen one,
                     For whom our saviour, God, the son
                     Christ Jesus died to save.

   90.   In memory of Nabbee, ye daughr of Dr. Isaac Otis and Mrs. Mehetable, his wife; she died April 13th, 1774, in ye 18th year of her age.


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