[Transcribed by Arthur Richardson]

                       Serene and peaceful as the summer even,
                       Was thy departure, lovely youth,
                       Whose hope we trust built firm in youth,
                       Rose to its source and fixed in heaven.
                       And when the faithless guilty throng,
                       Waked by the trumpets sound, shall call
                       For mountains on their head to fall,
                       Thy voice shall join in glory's song,
                       And to eternity the strains belong.

   259.   Erected in memory of Mr. Joseph Gannett, died March 17, 1829, aged 69 years.
                       When he whose ashes here repose
                       Approached the hour of his decease,
                       His path, so long o'er-spread with woes,
                       Was crowned, we trust, with sacred peace.
                       Such peace as is by mercy given
                       To those whom He prepares for heaven.

   260.   In memory of Mrs. Anna, wife of Mr. Joseph Gannett; she died Dec. 13, 1826, in her 62d year.
                       True faith, death's deepest gloom,
                       Pierces with heavenward eyes,
                       And sees beyond the tomb,
                       Drest in immortal bloom,
                       Celestial Eden rise.
                       Such faith 'tis hoped will here be found,
                       Whose dust here waits the trumpets sound.

   261.   Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Susan Noyes and infant, wife of Mr. Ebenezer Noyes, and dau. of Mr. Joseph Gannett and Mrs Ann, his wife; she died May 23, 1822, in her 25th year.
                       From creatures cease, a warning voice here cries,
                       They fade and vanish like the passing wave;
                       With them the branch of hope they nourished dies,
                       And strews its blighted blossoms o'er the grave.

   262.   Caleb, son of Luther and Olive Gannett, died Feb. 17, 1820, aged 1 year and 8 months.

   263.   Sacred to the memory of Miss Mary [Nancy] Gannett, dau. of Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Anna Gannett; she died Dec. 21, 1817, aged 30 years.
                       Here lies beneath this monumental stone,
                       One who appeared to feel religion's power;
                       One o'er whose faith the sun of glory shone,
                       And poured the splendour round her closing hours.

   264.   In memory of George, son of Capt. Luther Gannett and Mrs. Olive, his wife, who died June 16, 1815, aged 2 mos.

   265.   In memory of Simeon, son of Mr. Joseph Gannett and Mrs. Hanna, his wife, who died Oct. ye 27th, 1802, aged 3 years and 1 month.

   266.   In memory of Susannah, daughter of Mr. Joseph Gannett and Mrs. Anna, his wife, who died October ye 12th, 1792, aged 1 year and 1 month.

   267.   In memory of Christianna, daughter of Mr. Joseph Gannett and Mrs. Anna, his wife, who died February ye 12th, 1792, aged 2 years, 4 mos. and 25 days.


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