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Williams Latham
Epitaphs in Old Bridgewater

The Online Edition

Williams Latham, Epitaphs in Old Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Illustrated with Plans and Views (Bridgewater: Henry T. Pratt, printer, 1882; repr. Middleborough, MA: Plymouth County Chapter, Massachusetts Society of Genealogists, 1976; Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, n.d.; Pittsfield, MA: Berkshire Family History Association, Inc., 2001).

In the preface to this book the author said:

"This work is a private enterprise, not undertaken for gain or remuneration, but because it is work such as would not probably be done if I did not do it; and because it is a preservation of facts which may otherwise be lost."

It is well that he undertook the work, because more than a century of time, weather, neglect and vandalism have taken their toll on some of the gravestones transcribed in this book. Recent transcriptions of the stones in some of these cemeteries show that some inscriptions are now difficult or impossible to read. Some of the small family cemeteries in the book have either crumbled into oblivion due to neglect, or, in one case, have had the burials removed to a newer graveyard.

The transcriptions are from the oldest graveyards in Bridgewater, East Bridgewater and West Bridgewater. Eleven principal cemeteries are transcribed, and several small family burying-grounds and smallpox cemeteries are also transcribed. They total some 2,500 gravestones.

This online transcription is by Arthur Richardson and Dale H. Cook. Arthur provided most of the transcriptions, the scans of plans and illustrations, and the directions and photographs. I provided the balance of the transcriptions and the HTML formatting. The pages are formatted to resemble the pages in the book. It is not always possible or practical to try to make a web page look the same as that page in a book, but I have tried to do so within reason. I have not tried to preserve the original line breaks, and have added white space so that the entries are easier to distinguish and to read. Links have been added at the bottom of each page, and other links added to the index pages, in order to make this electronic edition easier to use. Latham does not contain an every-name index, and I have not undertaken the immense labor needed to create one.

Corrections from pages 249, 250 and 254 have been incorporated into the main text [in green and in square brackets]. I have also added notes [in red and in square brackets] to acknowledge the transcribers and to correct additional errors.

Special additions for this online edition include directions to, locator maps for, and photographs of the cemeteries; a section on Alger Graveyard burials that were re-interred in Pine Hill Cemetery; and a memoir of the author published in 1888.


Title page
Table of Contents
List of Illustrations and Plans

West Bridgewater:

Old Grave-Yard
Powder House Grave-Yard
Jerusalem Grave-Yard
Alger Grave-Yard and Tomb
Note to First Grave-Yard, on Page Six


Old Grave-Yard
Alden or Vernon Street Grave-Yard
Scotland Grave-Yard
Keith (South St.) Grave-Yard
Trinity Church Grave-Yard
Japan (Jennings) Grave-Yard
Great Woods Grave-Yard
Small-Pox Grave-Yards

East Bridgewater:

Old Grave-Yard
(Introduction includes:
Hill Family Cemetery
Hudson Tomb
Thayer Cemetery
Whitman Family Cemetery)

James Keith's Tomb and House
Deacon John Whitman)
Index of Surnames
Additional Corrections
(Added 1883)
Report of the Committee on the Old Graveyard
(in East Bridgewater, dated Feb. 2, 1888)

Information added in 2003:
Locations and Photographs of the Cemeteries of Old Bridgewater
Information about Alger Graveyard burials re-interred in Pine Hill Cemetery

Information added in 2008:
Williams Latham Memoir published in 1888

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