[Mayflower Descendant, 2 (1900):91]

  The Vital Records of Bridgewater, Mass. 91

[p. 10]  The Day And Birth & yeare of John (Cary's) Chilldren
Imprimis John Cary being his first (worn) the fourth of November in Duxbour(worn)
the second being ffrauncis was bor(worn) and place the ninteenth of Janu(worn)
the third wch is Eliazabeth was (worn) Twenteth Day of Desember 1649 in (worn)
The fourth whose name is James was bor(worn) Brantree the eight and twenteth Day of march 1652
The fift whose name is Mary was borne at Bridgwater the eight of July 1654
The sixt whose Name is Jonathon was borne at Bridgwater the foure and twenteth Day of September 1656
the seventh whose Name is David was borne at Bridgwater the seven and twenteth Day of January 1658
the eighth whose Name is Hannah was Borne at Bridgwater the last of Aprill 1661
the Ninth whose name is Joseph was borne At Bridgwater the eighteenth of Aprill 1663
the tenth whose name is Rebecka was Borne the thirtieth Day of March 1665

[p. 14]  A Child borne to John Washborne * the fifteenth of may one thousand sixe hundred seventy tow in Bridgwater whose name is James
A Child borne to John Robbins the 11th of January 1667 In Bridgwater whose Name is Zeduthun or Jeduthun

[p. 15]  John Cary Senior inhabytant in the town of bridgwater deceased the last day of october in the yeare of our lord : 1680 :
And his wife whose name was Elizebeth Deceased the : 1 : of November : 1680 :

The day and yeare of the birth of the children of Samuel Allen senior heare in the towne of bridgwater
Imprimis his second borne whos name is samuel who was borne the : 4th : of December : 1660
the third a daughter whose Name is Essiel who was borne the : 1 : of march : 1662 : or : 63 :
4 : a daughter whose Name is mehetable who was borne at duxborugh : 20 : of Jenuary : 1664 :
5 a daughter whos name is Sarah who was borne in apri(l) the : 14 : day : 1667 :
6 The sixt a daughter whose name is bethiah who was borne : 12 : of May : 1669

* In a different hand, above the line, is written "Sene."

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