[Mayflower Descendant, 2 (1900):243]

  The Vital Records of Bridgewater, Mass. 243

The first borne heare in the Town of bridgwater whose Name is lot born the : 27th : day of march In the yeare one thousand six hundred Ninty
a second A daughter whose Name is lidya borne the Eight day of November one thousand six hundrd Ninty Two
A Third borne heare In the Towne of bridgwater A Daughter whose Name js Rebecka borne the fourth Day of october : 1694 :
The birth of the children of James barbar heare in the Towne of bridgwater
the first borne heare in this Town whose Name is mary born the Twenty fourth of November : 1692 :
A second Child borne hear in the Towen of bridgwater unto James Barber A son whose Name is Hezekiah who was brought forth jnto the world The : 25th : day of Jenuary : 1694/5 :

[p. 123]  The birth of Childe of David pirkins heare in the Town of Bridgwater
A son whose Name is Thomas Born the : 8th : of may : 1688

The birth of Jane Harris being brought forth jnto The World the : 19 : day of July : 1671 : being when g(illegible) of years fit married to James dunbarr and After his decease the wife of Pelatiah Smith
The Birth of the Children o Pelatiah Smith Heare In the Towne of Bridgwater :
first A Daughter Whose Name is Jane Smith born The : 22 : day of may in the yeare of our Lord : 1692 :
The birth of the Child of James Dunbarr here in the Towne of bridgwater :
A son whose Name js Roburt Dunbar who was born the last Day of November jn the yeare : 1689 :
James Dunbar Deceased heare in the Towne of Bridgwater The Twelf Day of Decembr In the yeare on thousand six hundred Ninty :
The birth of the second Childe A son of the above sd Pelatiah Smith whose name Is Pelatiah Smith brought forth jn to the world the : 25 : day of Aprill 1695
The birth of the third Child of pelatiah Smith whose Name js James Smith brought forth In to the world the : 18 : day of Jenuary : 1696/7
The birth of A fourth Childe of pellatiah Smith being a son whos Name js Samuell Smith born the fift day of may : 1699 :

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