[Mayflower Descendant, 7 (1905):55]

  Bridgewater, Mass., Vital Records 55

(Continued from Vol. VI, p. 8)

[p. 12]  The birth of the children of John & Elisabeth Field born in the Town of Bridgwater
Elisabeth Field was born August ye 4th Anno Do 1698
Sarah Field was born January ye 7th Ano Dom 1700
Susanna Field was born Febr 25 Anno Do 1702
John Field was born February ye 27th Annoq Do 1704
James Field was born Sept ye 12th Annoq Dom 1706
The birth of the children of Ebenezer and Ruth Hill
Ruth Hill was born February ye 26 1684/5
Ebenezer Hill was born November ye 9th Ano Do 1686
The birth of the children of Thomas & Bithia Hayward born in the Town of Bridgwater
Allice Hayward was born April ye 7th Anno Dom 1707
Their seccond child was a son born Sept 22d Anno Do 1709 and Deceased [*] the same day
Their third was a son born May 22d Anno Dom 1712 and Deceased June the 23 in the same year
Bithiah Hayward was born Septemr 22d Anno Dom 1715
Mary Hayward was born January 4th Annoq Domi 1718/19
Seth Hayward was born December 3 Anno Domi 1721
Phebe Hayward was born April 26 Anno Dom 1725
Thos : Hayward above named Died march ye 20th : Ano Dom 1741
Bithia Hayward first above named Died august ye 14th Ano Dom 1745

[p. 13]  The birth of the children of Nicholas & Sarah Whitman born in the Town of Bridgwater
1  Thomas Whitman was born Octo 24 Ano do 1702
2  John Whitman was born Febru 28 Anno Do 1703/4
3  Josiah Whitman was born May the 6t Anno Dom 1706 and Deced June ye 25 Anno Dom 1711
4  David Whitman was born Janua 25 Anno Dom 1708/9
    Jonathan Whitman was born Decem ye 7th Anno Dom 1710
    Seth Whitman was born April the sixth Annoq Dom 1713
    Eliezer Whitman was born of mary his seccond wife on the last day of July in the year 1716 1716 by Mary his seccond wife
Benjamin Whitman was born June ye 15th Anno Domi 1719
Mary Whitman was born of Mary his Third wife on the Twenty Seve Seventh of August Anno Dom 1720
William Whitman was born April ye 11th Anno Domi 1722
Josiah Whitman was born 11 of Febru Anno Domi 1723/4

   * "Sept 22 1709" has been crossed out.

   The words in italics are crossed off in the original.

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