[Mayflower Descendant, 7 (1905):56]

56 Bridgewater, Mass., Vital Records  

Benjamin Whitman Dyed April 5th Anno Dom 1724
Mary Whitman Dyed May ye Ninteenth Anno Dom 1724
William Whitman Dyed March 24th Anno Dom 1723/4
Sarah Whitman was born May the Eight Anno Dom 1726
Nicholas Whitman was Born Novembr 4 anodom 1731
The birth of the children of Daniel & Mary Hudson born in the Town of Bridgwater
Mary Hudson was born Febru ye 14th Anoq Dom 1701
Daniel Hudson was born April ye 9th Anoq Dom 1704
William Hudson was born June 22d Anno Dom 1707
The birth of the children of Ebenezer & Hannah Byram
Ebenezer Byram was born Sept 17 Anno Domi 1716
Eliab Byram was born December 4th Anno Dom 1718
Japheth Byram was born May 21st Anno Dom 1721
Napthaly Byram was born July 9th Anno Dom 1723
Hannah Byram was born September the first 1725
Mary Byram was born April 14th Anno Dom 1728
Abigail Byram was born April 23d Anno Dom 1730
Jepthah Byram was Born Agustt 14th ADom 1732

[p. 14]  The birth of the children of John & Mary Willis born in the Town of Bridgwater
Mary Willis was born Nover ye 27th Anoq Do 1699
John Willis was born Decemr ye 24 Anoq Dom 1701
Margrett Willis was born Sept ye 15th Anoq Dom 1704
The birth of ye Children of Nathanll & Hannah Reynolds
Philip Reynolds was born Sept ye 19th Ano Dom 1740
Jonas Reynolds was born January ye 28th Ano Dom 1741/2
Hannah Reynolds wife of ye above named Nathanll Reynolds Deceased august ye 12th Ano Dom 1742
Billy Reynolds by Mary his Second Wife was born march the tenth Ano Dom 1744/5
Timothy Reynolds born October ye 29th Ano Dom 1746
Sion Reynolds born april ye 19th Ano Dom 1748
Hannah Reynolds born march ye 4th Ano Dom 1749/50
mary Reynolds born Sept ye 30th Ano Dom 1751
Sion Reynolds above named Died March ye 23d 1753
mary Reynolds above named Died april ye 1st Ano Dom 1753
Billey Reynolds above named Died april ye 27th Ano Dom 1753
Mary Reynolds born march ye 23d Ano Dom 1754
Nathanll Reynolds born april ye 26th Ano Dom 1757
Carried to ye bottom *
The birth of the children of Josiah & Mary Keith born in Bridgwater
Margret Keith was born April ye 17th Ano Do 1704
Josiah Keith was born February ye 11th Anno Do 1706
William Keith was born June the fifteenth Anno Dom 1708
Mark Keith was born April 18th Anno Dom 1710
Sarah Keith was born April ye first Anno Dom 1712

   * This is written opposite the last entry.

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