[Mayflower Descendant, 7 (1905):57]

  Bridgewater, Mass., Vital Records 57

Mary Keith was born June 18th Anno Dom 1714
Daniel Keith was born July the 28th Annoq Dom 1716
David Reynolds born March ye 9th Ano Dom 1759
Silence Reynolds born October ye 30th Ano Dom 1760
Jonathan Reynolds born may ye 17th Ano Dom 1764
Cynthia Reynolds born October ye 9th Ano Dom 1769

[p. 15]  The birth of the children of Amos & Mary Snell born in Bridgwater
Mary Snell was born Decemr ye 25 Anoq Dom 1700
Elisabeth Snell was born January the sixth Anno Dom 1702 and Deceased toward the latter end of April next following
Jemima Snell was born May ye 3d Anoq Dom 1704
Susanna Snell was born September the 22d Anno Dom 1706
Amos Snell was born March 11th Anno Domi 1709
Daniel Snell was born April the 20th Anno Dom 1711
Moses Snell was born October the 30th Annoq Dom 1713
Martha Snell was born December 13th Annoq Dom 1716
Charitie Snell was born Novemr 20th Anno Domi 1719
Arthur Snell was born March 31st Anno Dom 1725 And Dyed the 15th day of April next following
Kezia Snell was born March 21st Anno Domi 1726
The birth of the children of Joseph and Lydia Edson
Hannah Edson was born January 16 Anno Dom 178/9 *
Lydia Edson was born January 11th Anno Dom 1710/11
Joseph Edson was born November 18th Anno Dom 1712
Bithia Edson was born January 23d Anno Domi 1714/15
John Edson was born May 3d Anno Domi 1717
Daniel Edson was born April 21st Anno Domi 1720
David Edson was born April 28th Anno Domi 1722
Jesse Edson was born October 28th anno Domi 1724
James Edson was born December 20th Anno Domi 1726
Lydia Edson wife of ye above named Joseph Edson died January ye 25t Ano Dom 1762
Joseph Edson ye parent of ye above named Children Died august ye 26th 1768
Lydia Edson Second above Named Died August 18th 1793
The Birth of ye Children of John & Elisabeth Hooper
Elisabeth Hooper was born april ye 11th Ano Dom 1723 and Deceased February ye 20th 1724/5
John Hooper was born December ye First 1725
Winslow Hooper was Born May ye 19th Ano Dom 1729
Hezekiah Hooper was born June ye 30th Ano Dom 1732
Joseph Hooper was born March ye 15th Ano Dom 1735
Rebekah Hooper was born march ye 27th Ano Dom 1738

   * Plainly an error for "1708/9."

(To be continued.)

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