[Mayflower Descendant, 15 (1913):89]

  Bridgewater, Mass., Vital Records 89

The Chilldren of Joseph Gannett by Hannah his Second wife
Seth Gannett was born July ye 18 ADom 1734
Thomas Gannett was born March ye 31st anno Dom 1736
Joseph Gannett the parent of ye above named Children Died April ye 30th Ano Dom 1774 in ye 81st year of his age
Hannah Gannet the Second Wife of ye above named Joseph Gannet January ye 12th Ano Dom 1777 in ye 78 year of her age
The Birth of the Children of Jacob & Susanna Lennard in Bridgwater
Sarah Lennard was born June ye 11th Anno Domi 1699
Jacob Lennard was born June 13 Anno Domi 1702 And Died Dec 6 : 1722
The Birth of the Children of William Orcut ju & Sarah his wife
Jacob Orcut was born May ye seccond Anno Domini 1723
The Birth of the Children of Daniel & Bettie Johnson in Bridgwtr
Daniel Johnson was born October 21st Anno Domi 1726
James Johnson was born November 7th Anno Domini 1728
Joseph Johnson was born November 17th anno Dom 1730
Isaiah Johnson was born October ye 18th Ano Dom 1734
Levet Johnson was born October ye 27th Ano Dom 1736
Bettie Johnson was born February ye 1st Ano Dom 1738/9
Joseph Johnson above named Died Decembr ye 26 1745
Bettie Johnson first above Namd Died October 14th 1782
[p. 125]  The Birth of the children of George & Elisabeth Keyzer
Hannah Keyzer was born March ye 11th Anno Dom 1719/20
Abigail Keyzer was born September 17th Anno Domi 1723
Seth Keyzer was born the last of April in the year 1727
The birth of ye Children of Elisha & mercy Dunbar
Abigail Dunbar was born March ye 18th Anno Dom 1728
Jacob Dunbar was born march ye 9th Ano domini 1730
Lemuel Dunbar was born october 14 Ano Domini 173[*]
Hannah Dunbar was born September 28 Ano domini 1733
Elisha Dunbar was born June ye 18th Ano dommini 1735
Seth Dunbar was born October ye 13th Ano Dom . 1737
Nathanll Dunbar was born August ye 24th Ano Dom 1739
Peter Dunbar was born October the 8th Ano Dom 1741
Silias Dunbar was born Septbr ye 18th Ano Dom 1743
The Birth of the Children of James and Sarah Cary
Sarah Cary was born June 10th Annoqe Domi 1723
Joshua Cary was born February ye 26 Anno Dom 1725/6
Sarah Cary wife of ye above named James Cary died June ye 12th 1730
Joshua Cary above named died June 26th Ano Dom 1747
James Cary first above named died November ye 18th Ano Dom 1762
The Birth of the Children of Thomas Hayward ye 3d And Bithia his Wife
Edmund and Jane Hayward were born May 12th Ano Do 1720
Elijah Hayward was born Feb 10th Anno Dom 1721/2

   * The last figure has been altered — probably from 2 to 1.


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