[Mayflower Descendant, 15 (1913):92]

92 Unrecorded Barnstable County Deeds  

Barnabas Packard born March 3d Ano Dom 1737/8
John Packard first above named deceased June ye 3d 1738 and in the 43d year of his age
The Birth of the Children of William and Grace Gould
John Gould was born Septemr 16 Anno Dom 1721
Mary Gould was born Septemr 17 Anno Domi 1723
Hannah Gould was born July 25 Anno Domi 1725
The birth of ye Children of Samuel & Elisabeth Lathrop
Nathan Lathrop was born Sept ye 13th Ano Dom 1735
Jonathan Lathrop was born July ye 10th Ano Dom 1738
Sarah Lathrop was born august ye fifth Ano Dom 1742
Mark Lathrop was born February ye 21st Ano Dom 1745/6
Samuel Lathrop was born January ye 8th Ano Dom 1750/51
Sarah Lathrop above named died January ye 3d Ano Dom 1759
(To be continued)

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