[Mayflower Descendant, 15 (1913):172]

172 Bridgewater, Mass., Vital Records  

The Birth of ye Children of Seth & Mercy Packard born in Bridgwater
Sarah Packard was born August ye 25t 1728
Lucie Packard was born July ye 26th Ano Dom 1731
mehetable Packard was born march ye 28th Ano Dom 1733
mercy Packard was born may ye 20th Ano Dom 1735
Isaac Packard was born Sept ye 22d Ano Dom 1737
mary Packard was born Novembr ye 28th Ano Dom 1739
Seth Packard was born march ye 12th Ano Dom 1742/3
Jerusha Packard was born april ye 20th Ano Dom 1744
Abigail Packard was born march ye 17th Ano Dom 1745/6
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The Birth of ye Children of Edward and Keziah White
Huldah White was born October ye 10th Ano Dom 1739
Phebe White was born Sept ye 15th Ano Dom 1741
Keziah White was born august ye 29th Ano Dom 1744
Abner Packard born april ye 9th Ano Dom 1749
Jonathan Packard born Sept. 27th Ano Dom 1751
[p. 137]  The Children of Thomas & Jemima Whitman
Simeon Whitman was born September ye 9th Anno Dom 1728
Peter Whitman was born may ye 4th Ano Dom 1730
Benjamin Whitman was born February ye 2d Ano Dom 1732
Jemimah Whitman was born June ye 27th Ano Dom 1734
Nathan Whitman Born February Ano Dom 1736
Amoss Whitman Born February ye 17th Ano Dom 1738
William Whitman Born may ye 21st Ano Dom 1740
Isaac Whitman born march ye 28th Ano Dom 1742 & Deceased June ye 1st 1747
Jemima Whitman wife of the above named Thomas Whitman died march ye 5t 1766
The Birth of ye Children of Josiah & Abigail Snell of the Town of Bridgwater
Josiah Snell was born March ye 27th Ano Domini 1730
Anna Snell was born March ye 19th Ano Domini 1732
Eligah Snell was born September ye 24th Ano domini 1734
Mary Snell was born Sept ye 30th Ano Dom 1736
Abigail Snell was born may ye 30th Ano Dom 1739
Rhoda Snell was born may ye 14th Ano Dom 1743
Nathan Snell was born may ye 20th Ano Dom 1748
Abigail Snell daughter of Josiah Snell died may ye 13th 1747
mary Snell abovenamed died may ye 27th Ano Dom 1747
The birth of ye Children of Ebenezer & Joanna Leach
Daniel Leach was born December ye 9th Ano Dom 1735
Joanna Leach above named Deceased December ye 17th 1735
[p. 138]  The birth of the Children of Cornelius & Experience Washburn
Nathan Washburn was born Decemr 25 Anno Domi 1728
Daniel Washburn was born July 21 Anno Domi 1730

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