[Mayflower Descendant, 15 (1913):173]

  Bridgewater, Mass., Vital Records 173

Robert Washburn was born January ye 25t Ano Dom 1736 Died 12th day
Robert Washburn born February 6th 1735 Died June 11th 1737
Experience Washburn born february 1st 1743 Died february 10th 1743
Experience Washburn born born [sic] March 8th 1744
Joanna Washburn born May 28th 1747
Nathan Washburn Died September 25th 1747
Ebenezer Washburn Died October 12th 1747
Cornelius Washburn born December 29th 1739
Cornelius Washburn died September 27th 1747
The Birth of the Children of Isaac & Jane Kingman
Abigail Kingman was born May ye Ninth 1730
Lemuel Kingman was born Novr ye 30th 1732
Jane Kingman was born October ye 20th Ano Dom 1736
Bethia Kingman was born may ye 16th Ano Dom 1743
Isaac Kingman was born october ye 11th Ano Dom 1747
The Children of Thomas & Martha Conant
Nathan Conant was born April ye 12th Anno Dom 1731
Sarah Conant was born May ye 2d Ano Dom 1733
Martha Conant was born February ye 8th 1735
Rebekah Conant was born July ye 20th Ano Dom 1737
[p. 139]  The Birth of the Children of John and Experience Cary
John Cary was born March 8th Anno Dom 1718/19
Martha Cary was born May 5th Anno Dom 1721
Henry Cary was born October 14th Anno Dom 1723
Susanna Cary was born Octobr 16th Anno Dom 1725
Beriah Cary was born March 25 Anno Dom 1729
Experience Cary above named died april ye 7th Ano Dom 1729
Molley Cary was born June ye 4th Ano Dom 1732 by mary his 2d wife
mary Cary ye wife of ye above named John Cary died June ye ye [sic] 18th 1732
Nathan Cary by Sarah his 4th Wife was born December ye 21th 1736
Thankfull Cary was born June ye 27th Ano Dom 1745
Joshua Cary was born June ye 29th Ano Dom 1748
Joshua Cary above named died December ye 29th Ano Dom 1751
Susanna Cary being ye third Wife of ye abovenamed John Cary by whom he had no Children died may ye 5t An Dom 1734
Huldah Cary by Sarah his fourth wife was born July ye 25t & died in august following
John Cary the Parent of ye abovenamed Children Died October ye 12th 1770
The Birth of the Children of William & Abigail Hayward
Abigail Hayward was born April 24 Anno Dom 1730
Lois Hayward was born October 4th Anno Dom 1732
Sarah Hayward was born April ye 22d Ano Dom 1735
Elisabeth Whitman ye Wife of John Whitman Deceased Sept ye 15th 1727

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