[Mayflower Descendant, 15 (1913):198]

198 Bridgewater, Mass., Vital Records  

ye next a Son born June ye 4th 1748 & died ye 21st day of ye Same month
Abigail Kingman born Sept ye 4th 1749
Anne Kingman born January ye 20th 1752
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The Birth of ye Children of Samuel & Abigail Ripley
Robert Ripley was born February ye 26th Ano Dom 1736/7
Benjamin Kingman was born January ye 20th 1755
Mary Kingman Wife of ye above named Henry Kingman died august ye 20th 1740
Seth Kingman born July ye 7th Ano Dom 1757
Benjamin Kingman above named Died June ye 6th 1758
Benjamin Kingman born august ye 27th 1760
Submit Kingman born June ye 30th Ano Dom 1763
Henry Kingman ye parent of ye above named Children Died october ye 5t 1775
[p. 146]  The Birth of ye children of Ephraim & martha Lenard
ye first child was Born march ye 8th 1722
Phebe Lenard Born august 22 1723
Huldah Lenard Born ye 22 September 1725
Abagail Lenard Born November 13th 1727
Ephraim Lenard Born may 2d 1730
Theophilus Lenard Born march 29 . 1732
The Birth of the children of Solomon and Elezebeth Lenard
Experience Lenard Born November 15th 1732
Solomon Lenard Born march 27 1733
Solomon Leonard first above named died may ye 29th Ano Dom 1761
The Birth of ye Children of Samuel & Melatiah Dunbar
Sarah Dunbar was born ye 14th of Sept Ano Dom 1733
Mehetabel Dunbar was born February ye 12th Ano Dom 1734/5
Samuel Dunbar was born March ye 8th Ano Dom 1736/7
malatiah Dunbar was born march ye 24 : Ano Dom 1741
Hannah Dunbar was born October 17th Ano Dom 1743
asa Dunbar was born may ye 26th Ano Dom 1745
Robertt Dunbar was born August ye 10th Ano Dom 1746
Danil Dunbar was born August ye 19th Ano Dom 1748
Peter Dunbar was born may ye 29th Ano Dom 1750
Simeon Dunbar was born march ye 25th Ano Dom 1752
William Dunbar was born may ye 11th Ano Dom 1754
Barnabas Dunbar was born april ye 8th Ano Dom 1756
Thaxter Dunbar was born april ye 17th Ano Dom 1758
Caleb Dunbar was born march ye 22d Ano Dom 1760
William Dunbar above named Died Novr ye 11th Ano Dom 1774
[p. 147]  The Birth of the Children of Zachariah and Abigail Snell
Isachar Snell was born May ye 25th 1732
Abigail Snell was born February ye 6th 1733/4
Zebede Snell was born December ye 9th 1736
Ebenezer Snell was born October ye 1st Ano Dom 1738

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