[Mayflower Descendant, 16 (1914):39]

  Bridgewater, Mass., Vital Records 39

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(Continued from Vol. XV, p. 200)

[p. 152]  The Birth of the Children of Zachariah & Sarah Shaw
Sarah Shaw was Born June ye 25 Ano Dom 1734
Joseph Shaw was Born November ye 8th Ano Dom 1736
Ruth Shaw born January ye 29th Ano Dom 1738
Martha Shaw born August 29th Ano Dom 1740
Danll Shaw born September ye 29th Ano Dom 1742
Elisabeth Shaw born Sept ye 30th Ano Dom 1744
Judith Shaw born may ye 24th : Ano Dom 1749
Zachariah Shaw born December ye 12th : Ano Dom 1751
Nehemiah Shaw born march ye 31st : Ano Dom 1753
Joseph Shaw above named died Decembr ye 18th 1760
The Birth of ye Chilldren of Eliezer and Keturah Hayward
Abel Hayward was born augustt ye 25th ADomini 1732
Rufas Hayward was born august ye 12th ADomini 1734
The Birth of the children of John and Hanah Allden
John & James Allden were both born May 26 ADom 1729
Isaac Allden was born the Twenty ninth of may ADom 1731
Johnathan Allden was born September the 4th ADom 1733
Hannah Alden was born march ye 23d : Ano Dom 1735/6
Adam Alden was born April ye 28th Ano Dom 1738
therere next a Son born February ye 20th 1740 died march ye 12th following
Abigail allden born april ye 4th 1742
Keziah Alden born October ye 29 1743 :
Hannah alden Wife of ye above named John Alden died Died December ye 26 : 1744
Rebecca Alden by Rebeca his Second wife was Born Nov : ye 28th 1745
Adam Allden above named Died Sept ye 5t : 1746
James Alden died June ye 21st : and John died ye 24th 1747 and abigail alden died July ye 2d : 1747
John Alden born by Rebecca his Second wife october ye 28th 1747
Esther Alden born Sept ye 8th 1749

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