[Mayflower Descendant, 16 (1914):44]

44 Bridgewater, Mass., Vital Records  

The Birth of the Children of Daniel & Joanna Snell
Daniel Snell was born July ye 19th Ano Dom 1733
Susanna Snell was born march ye 6th Ano Domi 1735
The above Births are Transcrib'd & Enter'd in ye new Book
The Birth of ye Children of Micah and Hannah Allen
Mary Allen was born Decembr ye 9th Ano Dom 1737
Micah Allen was born February ye 9th Ano Dom 1739/40
Joseph Allen was born Sept ye Seventh Ano Dom 1742
Daniel Allen was born Sept ye 3d : Ano Dom 1744
[p. 159]  The Birth of ye Children of David & Susanna Orcut
Daniel Orcut was born November ye 3d : Ano Dom 1734
Stephen Orcut was born December ye 27th Ano Dom 1736
The Birth of ye Children of John & Freelove Brett
Susanna Brett was born April 26th Ano Dom 1736
Freelove Brett by Alice his Second Wife born June ye 11th 1746
John Brett was born February the 19th : Ano Dom 1747/8
Alice Brett was born June ye 16th Ano Dom 1749
Silence Brett was born August ye 30th Ano Dom 1752 O : S
Hannah Brett was born march ye 12th Ano Dom 1754
Alice & Amitee Brett were born June ye 11th Ano Dom 1756
John Brett was born April ye 3d : Ano Dom 1759
The Birth of the Children of Mathew & Sarah Allen
Nehemiah Allen was born Sept ye 22d : Ano Dom 1736
Ezra allen was born Sept ye 25th Ano Dom 1739
Sarah Allen was born Decembr ye 23d : Ano Dom 1747
Simeon Allen was born Septbr ye Second Ano Dom 1753
[p. 212]  Josiah Kingman & mary Williams were married Nov: ye 16th : 1737
abiezer Edson & Sarah Lathrop were married Novembr ye 17th 1737
Israel Packard Junr & Ruth Feild were married Nov: ye 24th 1737
Primus Negro & Jane Frank were married Decembr ye 8th 1737
Samll Brett & Hannah Packard were married Decembr ye 21st 1737
William Keith and mary Kingman were Married Feb: ye 15th 1737/8
Samll Edson & mehetable Hayward were married march ye 1st 1737/8
Moses Wade & abthia Studson were married march ye 16th 1737/8
David Dunbar & Susanna Hayward were married march ye 16th 1737/8
all by mr Daniel Perkins *
William Hudson & Sarah Fobes were maried Novembr ye 15th 1737
Benjamin Bassett & Hannah macumber marrid Novbr ye 17th 1737
Joseph Rickard of Plimton & Lydia Willis were married Novbr ye 17th 1737
Ebenezer Snow & Sarah Leach were married Decembr ye 14th 1737
Solomon ames & Susanna Keith were married Decembr ye 27th 1737
John Washburn & Bethiah Keith were married Janry ye 12th 1737/8
Robbin Freeman & Ann Sash were married Janury ye 12th 1737/8
Ephraim Marvel & Hannah Howel were married Febry ye 11th 1737/8

   * This refers to the nine preceding marriages.

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