[Mayflower Descendant, 16 (1914):45]

  Bridgewater, Mass., Vital Records 45

Samll Crane & Sarah Washburn were married February ye 13th 1737/8
all by mr John Shaw *
[p. 223]  Solomon Snow and Bathsheba Mahurin were married April 8th 1724
Joseph Byram and Martha Perkins were married May 13th 1724
Zacheus Packard & Mercy Allden were married Octor 21st A D 1725
Hugh Mahurin and Mary Snell were married Decemr 17th A D 1725
Joseph Carver and Elisabeth Snow were married May 4th A D 1725
Stephen Leach & Sarah Hooper were married May 5th 1725
Samuel Phillips and Lydia Basset were married Novemr 17th 1726
Joseph Drake and Allice Hayward were married April ye 5th 1727
Elisha Dunbar and Mercy Hayward were married April 6th 1727
all By Josiah Edson Justice of peace
Henry Kingman and Mary Allen were married Nov 24th 1726
Recompence Cary & ye Wido Sarah Brett were married Janur 17th 1726/7
By Mr John Angier
John Allden and Hannah Kingman were Married Nov 22d 1727
Thomas Whitman and Jemima Allden were Married Nov 22d 1727
Isaac Hayward and Martha Perkins were Marrid May 15th 1728
By Mr John Anger
Michael Lunsford and Elisabeth Hackben were married Nov 9th 1727
Joseph Lucas & Malatiah Cary were married Nov 9th 1727
Samuel West and Mehetabel Ames were Married Decemr 15th 1727
James Perigo & Lydia Hayward were Married March 6t 1727/8
George Packard and Mary Edson were Married July 4th 1728
Eliezer Snow & Mercy King were Married July 11 1728
Josiah Snell and Abigail Fobes were Married Janur 23 1728
By Mr Daniel Perkins
John Wormel & Mary Bryant were maried June 10th 1729
Samuel Packard & Susanna Kinsley were maried July 22 1729
Benjamin Washburn & Martha Kingman were married Augst 6 1729
Joseph Perry & Mary Chandler were married Octo 17th 1729
Nathaniel Davenport & Lucy Wyman were Marryed Dec 22 1729
Ephraim Dunham & Elisabeth Bump were Married Decemr 9th 1729
Jacob Allen and Abigail Kingman were Married Janur 1st 1729/30
Isaac Kingman & Jane Kingman were Married Janur 13 1729 30
By Mr Daniel Perkins
Joseph Davis & Ruth Baset were Married Married [sic] March 23 1730 By mr Danll Perkins
(To be continued)

   * This refers to the nine preceding marriages.

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