[Mayflower Descendant, 16 (1914):187]

  Bridgewater, Mass., Vital Records 187

Ebenezer Pratt of Waymoth and Waitstil Washburn of Bridgwater were joined together in Marriage Decemr 15th 1720
Benjamin Williams of Norton and Susanna Haward of Bridgwater were joined together in Marriage December 22d 1720
Elisha Hayward And Bithia Snow were Married Febr 1st 1720/1
William Orcut And Sarah Lennard were Married Feb 27th 1720/1
William Ames and Elisabeth Jennings were Married June 29 1721
Benjamin Aldrich and Mary Shaw were Married Augst 24th 1721
John Aldrich and Elisabeth Cooper were Married Janury 22d 1721/2
Benjamin Snow And Jemima Snell were Married March 7th 1721/2
By mr Benjamin Allen
John Webb of Brantry and Mary Allden of Bridgwater were joined together in marriage October ye sixth Anno Dom 1720
Benjamin Fobes and Martha Hunt were Married May 3d Anno Do 172[illegible]
David Turner and Sarah Haward were Married May 4th Anno Dom 1721
John Orcut and Desire Kingman were married June 27th Anno Do 1721
Joseph Lennard & Mary Packard were Married Septemr 14th Anno Dom 1721
Joseph Keith and Susanna Field were Married Octobr 3d Anno Do 172[illegible]
Thomas Hooper and Sarah Packard were Married Januar 18th A D 1721/2
James Dunbar and Experience Hayward were Married Janur 31st Anno D 1721/2
By Josiah Edson Justice of peace
James Packard and Jemima Keith were married June the seventh Annoqe Domi 1722   By Mr Daniel Perkins
John Burr and Silence Haward were Married Nov 7th 1722
Isaac Snow and Hannah Shaw were Married Nov 19th 1722
By mr Daniel Perkins minister
Thomas Waed and Rebecca Snow were Married Decemr 20th 1722
Joseph Packard and Mary Willis were Married Nov 28th 1723
Jonathan Copland and Bettie Snell Married Janur 14th 1723/4
Daniel Haward and Damaris Williams were married Jan 16th 1723/4
By Mr Daniel Perkins
Abiel Packard & Sarah Ames were Married Jan 11th anno Domi 1722/3
Solomon Johnson and Susanna Edson were Maried April 2d Anno 1723
Samuel Bliss and Sarah Packard were married July 11th 1723
Thomas Alger and Sarah Dunbar were Married Jan 15 1723/4
By Justice Edson
[p. 259]   Joshua Haward and Susanna Hayward were joined together in Marriage the sixth day of May Anno Domini 1724

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