[Mayflower Descendant, 16 (1914):188]

188 Bridgewater, Mass., Vital Records  

John Willis and Patience Hayward were joined together in Marriage December ye ninth Anno Dom 1724   By mr Daniel Perkins Minister
Mark Lathrop and Hannah Allden were Married March 29 1722
John Hooper & Elisabeth Packard were married April 23d Anno Do 1722
David Pratt & Joanna Allen were Maried April 30th Anno Dom 1722
David Ames & Mary Reynolds were Married July 12th Anno Domi 1722
William Snow and Mary Washburn were married Nov 8th Anno Do 1722
Benjamin Perry of Sandwich and Deborah Johnson of Bridgwater were Married ye 27th day of May 1723
Josiah Washburn and Elisabeth Davenport were Married ye 20th day of June Anno Domi 1723
Akerman Pettingale and Joanna Kingman were joined together in Marriage Septemr ye 17th Anno Domi 1723
David Connant & Sarah Hayward were Married Nov 28th Anno Dom 1723
Zachariah Packard & Abigail Davenport were Married March 31 AD 1724
Jonathan Washburn & Thankful Newton were Married April 9th Ano Dom 1724
Benjamin Hayward & Elisabeth Conant were Married May 21 Ann Do 1724
Joseph Packard & Susanna Mitchel were Married Decem 31st Anno Do 1724
By Mr Benjamin Allen
Samuel Beale and Mary Basset were Married March the 4th AD 1724/5   By mr John Anger
[Sash Negro & Margret Linsford were Married Nov 11th Anno Dom 1724*]
John Willis & Patience Hayward were Married Decemr 9th AD 1724   By mr Daniel Perkins
Theodosius Moore and Sarah Pryer were Married June 30th 172[worn]   By mr John Angier
Ebenezer Orcut & Deliverance Kingman were joined Together in Marriage April 22 1725
April 28 1725 Robert Haward & Abigail Keith were Married
Joshua Warren and Jane Orcut were maried May 10 1725
by mr Danl Perkins
Daniel Johnson and Bettie Latham were Married January ye 5th Anno Domi 1[worn]
John Ames & Mehetable Packard were Married June 3d 17[worn]
Eliezar Keith & Kezia Kingman were married June 9th 1726
John feild & Mary Haward were married Novembr 15th 1726

   * This entry has been crossed out.

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