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Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth, — on the east upon the town of Scituate, — on the south with the line that is the southerly bounds of land of John Cushing, Esq., and of John Cushing, Jr., Esq., — thence on the south westerly side by certain bounds, which the town of Bridgewater have set and prefixed, to Beaver Brook, — and on the west with the said brook, until it comes to the extent of Bridgewater northward: together with a small gore of land lying between the said town of Bridgewater and the said line of the colonies: the town of Bridgewater having signified their consent thereto."   By the plain and express language of the statute, the whole gore is included in Abington; but for some reasons now unknown, the "Howard Farms" seem, as the selectmen of Bridgewater in their petition stated, to have been considered as "belonging to no town," till they were annexed to Bridgewater in 1730.

   Another considerable tract on the east part of the town was annexed to Pembroke June 7, 1754, and now constitutes the greater part of Hanson.   The old Bridgewater line was as far east as the west line of the farm formerly owned and occupied by the late Rev. Dr. Hitchcock.   These two are the only instances in which any considerable portions of the town have been annexed to other corporations.   Questions and disputes as to boundaries were formerly frequently arising between this and neighboring towns.   The latest occurred with Middleborough, which was finally settled by court June 8, 1716, when the great river was constituted the boundary between them.   This seems to have been done in pursuance of the express power which the court had reserved to itself in the "two mile additional grant."

   The boundaries of the town as finally settled, may be thus described: — On the east it is bounded by Halifax and Hanson; on the north by Abington, Randolph, and Stoughton; on the west by Easton and Raynham; and on the south by Middleborough, Titicut river there constituting the boundary.   It is the north-west town in the county of Plymouth, adjoining the county of Norfolk, or Old Colony line on the north, and the county of Bristol on the west.   Its dimensions may be estimated at about twelve miles by six, and as containing at least seventy square miles.   The centre of the town is about twenty-six miles from Boston, twenty from Plymouth, and ten from Taunton.


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