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1678.— Mr. Keith being sick, Elder Brett was chosen to assist him in carrying on the work of the ministry between this and May next.
1683.— The purchasers agreed that the old field to the northward of the highway, by Goodman Bailey's, be reserved for a training-field.
1685.— The Selectmen to take bond of Joseph Washburn for the maintenance of his uncle, Philip Washburn.
1686.— It was agreed by the town and purchasers that the four rods to lay out land by, should be thirteen inches over by the box rule.
    " It was agreed that the layers out of lands, when they leave lands for highways, shall leave four rods, or one line, in breadth for allowance for highways; and the highways through such lands where allowance is so made, shall not be less than forty feet.
1686.— Ten acres of wood land to be laid out to each purchaser nearest to their habitations, as the land will afford it to be laid out, viz:—

   Lots on the south side of Town River, below Goodman Alden's, namely, to William Snow, Samuel Edson, Edward Fobes, John Ames, Elihu Brett, Samuuel Edson, Jr., Josiah Edson, Matthew Gannett, (of Scituate,) Solomon Leonard, Giles Leach, Benjamin Willis.

   North side of the Town River, viz:—John Willis, Nathaniel Hayward, John Willis, Jr., Captain Wadsworth, (Samuel, of Duxbury,) Lieutenant (Thomas) Hayward, Joseph Bassett, William Bassett, Joseph Alden, John Robbins, Goodman, (William) Orcutt, Joseph Wadsworth, (of Duxbury,) Thomas Washburn.

   On the west end of the town, towards West Meadow Brook, viz:—Goodman, (Guido) Bayley, Goodman, (Mark) Lathrop, Ensign (John) Haward, Goodman, (Samuel) Packard, Elkanah Willis, Mr. Keith, Goodman, (George) Turner, John Field, John Hayward of the plain, Thomas Snell, Arthur Harris.


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