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     South side of South Brook, viz:—Goodman (John) Washburn, Goodman, (Thomas) Washburn, Goodman, (Samuel) Washburn, John Porter, Captain Wadsworth.

   John Kingman, at the end of his land where his house is.

   Joseph Cary, in the swamp below John Kingman's and John Hayward's.

   Easterly side of Stony Brook at the Centre Tree, viz: Elisha Hayward, John Cary, Jonathan Hill, William Brett, Joseph Edson.

   Easterly side of Satucket River, near Jonathan's plain, and down the river, viz:—Goodman (Robert) Latham, Samuel Allen, Thomas Whitman.

   At the head of Spring Brook, viz:—Nicholas Byram, Nicholas Byram, Jr., John Whitman, Thomas Whitman.

   NOTE—Gannett and the Wadsworths were not inhabitants of the town.—all the rest were, and these locations will give some idea of the places of their residence.
1687.— John Usher's warrant sent to the constable of Bridgewater for choosing commissioners for taking a list of males from sixteen years old and upward, and valuing estates, was received by me, Joseph Edson, constable, August 22.   Samuel Allen chosen commissioner.
1688.— Division of highways third Monday of May, for repairs, viz:—

   For John's Bridge.   Goodman Bayley, Guido Bayley, Jr., Goodman Orcutt, William Orcutt, Jr., Richard Jennings; John Packard, to make a horse bridge there.

   NOTE—This was formerly called Jennings' Bridge, then Packard's Bridge, and now Pope's Bridge.   It was first called John's Bridge, after John Packard, who lived there, but was not long known by that name.   Joppa Bridge was more usually called John's Bridge, after John Haward, who lived near it.

   For the bridge at Satuket River, at Isaac Harris' house, Joseph Washburn, James Latham, Joseph Latham, Thomas Whitman.

   For the highway at Goodman Alden's swamp.   Thomas Washburn, Goodman (Joseph ) Alden, Comfort Willis.


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